Wanikani is vindictive against the user

“there aren’t enough visual cues”
You’re just not looking. Even outside WK, looking at your keyboard instead of the screen is a terrible habit.
Even if you’re really set on looking at your keyboard, you can force yourself to check after typing your answer.


I agree with you and made the same kind of topic when I first started out. In the beginning these kind of mistakes are definitely a discouragment against new users and when in the groove and the answer is only three or four letters long its sort of hard to stop yourself from hitting enter despite the colors and kana/english. I still sometimes make the same mistakes and i’ve been using wanikani for some months now.

I just did what others have suggested before and downloaded the app for my phone which included an ignore answer button and then some scripts for use on my home computer. Much less frustrating that way.


Sure, I can change behavior. With some difficulty.

You should be able to recognize them over time. Maybe I didn’t notice all of the cues at first either, I don’t remember.

You mentioned earlier that you were looking at the keyboard instead of the screen a lot. So serious suggestion, you might want to look into typing practice. People that type a lot and type quickly don’t look down at the keyboard. And if you’re looking at the screen, you can notice more of the visual cues. Your brain will start to recognize them subconsciously and you’ll know what answer it wants without even thinking about it.


I don’t disagree with any of that. I type a lot, and have for a long time, and I normally can look at the screen when typing in English, but I make a lot of mistakes in Kotoeri due to finger-slip unless I’m paying attention, as though you would doing this on your phone. Can’t be helped but to slow down—your earlier point. Or to look down a bit then hope to look up in time to clock what you’re seeing on screen before hitting return. What can I say? I’m eager to move on.

Distillation of entire grievance: provide an “ignore answer” button that you can use, say, 4-5 times per review.

I actually frequently had this problem (entering Japanese when it wanted English, or vice versa) when I switched to the Breeze Dark Theme because the visual cues I’d been relying on had changed.

I had the double-check userscript though, so I was able to undo the mistakes until I got used to the new color scheme in 2-3 days and the problem went away.

Genuinely helpful—thank you.

You may have trouble using that at work depending on how strict your company is. Hopefully you can though.

It’s difficult at first but try to reach lvl 10, you’ll get the hang of it

Yes all fair comments. I expect the variety at level ten means I’m kept more on my toes. It’s the rudimentary nature of the early levels that is likely the barrier.


It’s probably worth mentioning that although it only took me a few days to adjust when I switched themes, at that point in time I was already intimately familiar with WK and I had mountains of reviews rolling in nonstop.

I honestly can’t remember how long it took for the distinction to become second nature for me in the beginning, but I guarantee it’ll happen if you keep at it. I promise :wink:

Also, if you have an iPhone, Tsurukame is a 3rd-party WK app that has an undo button built-in.
(Typing answers on a phone will likely be much slower than a real keyboard, though.)

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Then how do you know there aren’t enough visual cues if you admit to not looking at the screen?

If you want the visual cues to be obvious you have to slow down and gasp look at the screen instead of just firing away at the keyboard? Even with a couple of dozens items spending an extra 5 seconds to double check what is being asked for is barely gonna add a minute or two to the review time. Hardly some insurmountable amount of time.


Keep in mind that this is to be used very carefully, since the temptation to say “Ah right I know this” when you did something wrong can creep up and sabotage yourself.

Two points that might help ease the frustration…First, remember, WK is gonna be teaching you like 8000 items when it’s all said and done. So, messing up here and there in the grand scheme of the 72,000 or so reviews you’ll be doing if you stick with it isn’t all that bad. Second, it sounds like you are mainly messing up vocabulary. Whenever I do that, I remind myself that vocabulary won’t hold me back from progressing to the next level. As long as my kanji are 90% good, it’s fine. The vocab will correct itself with time.

In regards to all the similar stuff WK is teaching you days, etc. some of that is just the fault of the language itself. You gotta learn it sometime cause it’s just how Japanese works. And early on in your kanji learning, those words are using simple kanji, so you can learn a lot of words and see the patterns of how days, months, etc. interact with other kanji, such as numbers. All the while your brain is getting used to seeing kanji and getting ready to be able to handle the more complex.

Not saying WK is perfect - no system is or ever will be - but, honestly, they’ve made a really good and very effective product, and they’ve made it very sincerely with the goal of helping us learn kanji. I would say, trust the process, bear with the flaws, and you will see results.

I know this wasn’t a practical fix for you, but hopefully a different perspective on the matter can help alleviate some of your frustrations. Best of luck!


Is there something that changes at level 10 or is that just about when you think people will become used to the visual cues?

I don’t know about other people, but yes, I started getting more used to the visual cues and making fewer of that kind of mistake around level 10 (or 14).

I think if you stick with it long enough, you will get used to it, but this has been such a problem for newish users that I think WK could probably improve on the interface. There have been a few suggestions in other threads, but I’m not sure what’s best. Maybe a visual clue near the kanji so that people who aren’t looking at the input field will see it anyway.


Like @Sezme, I stopped making those mistakes around level 10 (a bit after, I guess; it’s the last level where I remember doing that kind of error)


youre only level 3, why are you paying money? shouldve waited unil you have to

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Don’t really want to say “you gotta”, because it’s probably not terribly helpful, but you gotta learn how to type without looking at your hands. Personally, I only ever need to glance at my hands on occasion if I’ve accidentally put them down at the wrong place.

Actually, I don’t even need to look at the screen while typing - I can even hold a conversation with another person while typing on the computer (though to be honest, it tends to be me just going “uh huh, uh huh” while trying not to accidentally type what the other person is giraffe to me).


Maybe they got lifetime during the sale.

Was that the best you could do? :stuck_out_tongue: