[Userstyle] WaniKani Breeze Dark

I’ll fiddle with it when I have a bit of time, thanks.

Downloaded it. Love it. I already had ‘WaniKani Grayish-Blueish-Dark’ Style and ended up with both styles checked, accidentally. It produced interesting results, which changed depending on which was selected first. I’m keeping both just because I love the results. xD Thanks! ~frankiebluej

Ah, I understand now. Thanks for the response.

I love this theme but I wish it was easier to differentiate between readings and meanings when doing reviews?? Or is there a way to change this myself

I just realized you can change color options on the userstyle page

I have a problem on chrome. It adds lines after I hover over something

12 PM

I had the same problem. This fixed it for me.

Type chrome://flags/ into your address bar and hit enter. Then scroll down until you find GPU Rasterization and disable it.

Just out of curiosity, why do you prefer those off?

Thanks it worked.

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Ok, so apparently the Stylish plugin will be broken with the coming Firefox 57.

If they do not update the plugin legacy extensions will cease to work, and therefore break the Stylish plugin.

I suggest using either the userscript version of the style (installable via userstyles.org, but probably no autoupdates), or an alternative plugin (Stylus for example) if they do not update the extension.

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Can we get an update to make these banners more readable? The light grey text is really hard to read against the orange.

Especially on the new “More items became available” message.

Sure, I’ll get to it later.

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Updated the style for the dashboard page.
I didn’t get the message on the reviews page yet.

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Thanks for your work as always.

@Borx what script is it that you are using for the lessons popup message on the reviews page?

That’s a new feature native to WK, it pops up when new reviews come available during your session. You can trigger it by shortening your review session with the reorder script and finishing with more reviews still available.

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Just a little request; it’d be cool if the burn color was red (FF3000) which looks much nicer in my eyes as it completes the rainbow from blue to red. Right now I manually set it to that color, but every time the style gets updated it obviously gets reset.

Do you mean this color with, or without the brightness filter applied?
Left is with filter (50% brightness), like it is currently in the style.
Right is without.


I could just make it a configuration option, like the other color options I’m already offering.
This would also be re-applied when you update.

I’d say with the filter. As without it’s too bright. I also mainly meant these guys (since I don’t have any burned items, yet :stuck_out_tongue: ):

But it should be red everywhere, of course.
An option would probably be the best soultion.

Well, I also don’t have any burned items (anymore, because I reset recently).
I just set the CSS class on the element :smile:.

I kinda like the idea of the burned items being red, i’ll maybe make that one the default.

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Finally got around to add the burned color option.

It might not be applied correctly at all places now, but should work at least on the dashboard, lattice pages and level progress.

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