Heatmap Stories! (WaniKani Activity Chart)

Gaps are vacation time and recover-from-vacation-while-still-in-vacation-mode time…


Wow!! You managed to get all same color for an entire month! That IS impressive! =D
The months around are almost same color too, just one color of in a few days. That sure is consistent! =D

Jupp, in August 2017 I have 1 whole week of same color… That is the ONLY whole week I found! So wow, very impressed!


I am so disappointed that I can’t get this script to work yet. Anything that uses the open framework gives me a couple of weeks of grief until I can get them running.


Only two days where I didn’t do any reviews, due to being sick :stuck_out_tongue:

You can also really nicely see that the workload is highest in the middle of the journey and slowly goes down towards the end!


Very nice and consistent too! =D

I wonder, I love dark mode on the forum, but how do you get it on the dashboard? Is it official or userscript? (I need it! D= )


It’s this one:

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How is this for consistency perseverance?


It worked even without reloading after installing! =D
Not a big fan of changing the colors, have to get used to the new ones (what is apprentice, guru ++)
Hm, I do like the colors they chose though, so seems easy enough. Thanks a bunch! =D


Just had a big long vacation? =P
Seems fairly consistent since you started again though, that is what matters! =D


You are all making me look bad. I should steal one of your screenshots for the script thread

I’ll have you know I was very consistent the first half of 2017… I promise


There were vacations :sailboat:… but last year in august I went on holiday without activating vacation mode. I had a nice horrifying pile of reviews when I managed to get access to Wanikani.

It’s really cool how this script allowed me to check it: 493 items on August 8, 2018. That’s a train ride back from vacation I can remember!


It might be nice to have a few so people can see the difference =)
You are free to use mine if you wish. (normal colored one can be found on original thread =P )

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Oh I meant to ask you guys! How do you feel about the intervals? I chose 0, 1-50, 50-100, 100-200, 200-400, 400< pretty arbitrarily


Seeing how colorful mine looks, with only rarely hitting the darkest, looks good to me! =D


I am fairly consistent in doing fairly little


Slow and steady wins the race :wink:


I think that you chose appropriate intervals. Less than 50 reviews is a light day. The next big jump in time is around 100 reviews. … More than 400 is crunch time.


New kid on the block, but I haven’t skipped a day yet. January was a pretty solid month so I’m hoping to continue that into February!


August/September 2017: super stressful time at work, not a lot of sleep, no free time, had to enable vacation mode

November 2017, March 2018, November 2018: Japan :sunny:

July 2018: I had no idea I had such a bad month until I saw the heat map. I’m guessing it was the July JLPT that stressed me out and I needed time to get back into it. Or something else happened and I’m repressing the memory of it.

September - November 2018: Trying to get from N5 to N4 in that time while being busy at work.
I wonder what I was thinking on that one day in October where I tried to do some reviews and then immediately was like “nope” again.

December 2018: Getting back into WaniKani after my JLPT break. It was not fun.

Currently: trying to get to N3 in July but also motivated to keep up with WaniKani so that I can get to level 60 soon and move on to other things. Second week of January I went on a business trip and it is interesting how you see even that on the heat map.


Oooooh, it’s fun to look at. I can really see when I used to do all my lessons when they got available, as it created big dips in reviews just before I guru’d items, and huge spikes just after.
Pretty much clockwork too… It feels satisfying to look at January, May and (to some extend) June/July 2018. Also interesting to see how much more uniform things got when I started to spread lessons equally throughout the week :slight_smile: (Also, my highest review count in a day is 485)