Are you using Ultimate Timeline and the Breeze Dark style?

I didn’t see this anywhere (tbh though I didn’t dig super deep), and it’s been bugging me that the colors weren’t changed to the Breeze Dark theme colors, so I did some digging and now:

To do this is pretty simple. Click on the Stylus button and then the edit button on WaniKani Breeze Dark.

Then at the bottom of the page, paste this in:

#timeline svg .appr{
    fill: #1d99f3 !important; }
#timeline svg .guru{
    fill: #1cdc9a !important; }
#timeline svg .mast{
    fill: #c9ce3b !important; }
#timeline svg .enli{
    fill: #f67400 !important; }
#timeline svg .burn{
    fill: rgb(218, 68, 83) !important; }

I put it above the very last line just to be sure, as I’m not familiar with Stylus.

Also, if you have anywhere you want to use these, here are the RGB values:

apprentice:	rgb(29,153,243)
guru:		rgb(28,220,154)
master:		rgb(201,206,59)
burned:		rgb(218, 68, 83)

I used these to change the Wallpaper Generator values to emit the same colors so everything is congruent.

As an unrelated side note: I learned 金玉 today.

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Hit @valeth up on their thread, they are pretty responsive to bug reports/suggestions:

Wasn’t sure if I should do that or not, considering it’s mixing a bunch of stuff together. Though I guess it ultimately wouldn’t hurt since it’s just a few more lines of CSS. :man_shrugging:

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