Back after a year or so

Welcome back!

I didn’t come back after a year, but I did return from a 4-5 month break in which I only implemented vacation mode for one of those months. I came back to 1500 reviews and I couldn’t remember a lot. Though, I was also really surprised by what I was able to recall.

My recommendations are:

Seanblue’s Prioritize Overdue Reviews
rfindley’s Reorder Ultimate 2
rfindley’s Self-Study Quiz

You’ll want to be able to move through your reviews and adjust the order. It’s helpful to do enlightened → master → guru because you’ll reduce your initial review pile from increasing too rapidly. I recommend self-study because you should realistically assess what you retain from burned/enlightened/mastered items before you drop burned items back down to apprentice 1.

This way you can get clear on which ones to reset, though the Item Spector script also has self-study in it so that’s also a great option.

But otherwise, I recommend just going through your reviews and plowing through your inaccuracies. I had 23%, 17%, 47%, 34%, and so on accuracy ratings when I came back, but it’s ok. Take your time.