Reorder Ultimate 2.3 (2022)

fixes from 2019 version


Wanikani Reorder Ultimate 2 (

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Oh, is this an alternative to Reorder Omega? What exactly did it fix?

Sorry, I don’t really understand what’s happening here :sweat_smile:

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This is an updated script from old thread

old version stops working for a while.

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Maybe rename it Reorder Ultimate 3?


well, it’s not update anything so I guess rename to version 2.3 should work too.


thanks for the fix!! I see now it’s always limiting the review batch to 10 items, is there a way to change this or did I mess something up?

I’ve update version 2.3.2 to fix review batch limiting to 10 items


For me your script was not working either and it did not include the additives that i added. however your fix gave me the right idea on how to get it working correctly with the new wanikani. so here we go:


update 2.3.4

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Hi, I’m very happy with Reorder Ultimate, except for a small bug. Whenever I learn 5 new items and then get a quiz on them, it only shows 4 items from the learning session, and 1 new item which didn’t come up during the learning. Updating to the latest version 2.3.5 didn’t fix it. My settings are all default, only 1x1 mode is on.

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for quick fix is remove this plugin while on lesson mode
open this script setting and uncheck Original includes
and add User includes to only review


Thanks a lot, it works!

I stumbled upon another problem. Can’t type “2” because the script intercepts it and uses it as a hotkey. Is it possible to make this key configurable, so it doesn’t interfere with typing English translations? Meanwhile I commented it out in the script, but I suppose it will return on every update…