Technologically Inept- How can I use this Script?

Okay so sorry I have tried everything so I thought I’d post;
I download Tampermonkey, then I downloaded Wanikani Open framework and made it number one. I then downloaded this; Reorder Ultimate 2 and I also tried other reorder scripts but nothing appears when I go onto Wanikani’s main page. They explain that with the box you can reorder things. But I don’t have a box ; - ; What am I missing? The little icon for tampermonkey is dark so it’s active. I feel like it’s a simple mistake but I can’t do technology at all lol.
Thanks for your help!!!

Oh wow okay I just started reviews and got the thing to come up but this isn’t what I wanted I think. Is there any scripts that let you call on things that have a waiting time still? Like say this one radical I’m waiting on has 8 hours left. Can I call that radical so I can progress? Or is that like illegal hehe.

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No, scripts cannot allow you to review items that have waiting period. It is determined by WaniKani backend, and cannot be overwritten.


Ahhh okay thank you!

Well, there are the leech scripts, but they don’t really count.

See, like mentioned above, WaniKani determines the SRS intervals:

Ohhh very helpful thank you!! ^.^ Leech script sounds useful haha I’ll look into downloading one.

Sounds like somebody is trying to dodge the SRS…



Hahahahahaha I can’t help that I’m impatient as heck

First rule of wk is to wait.
Second rule of wk is to wait.


It’s incredibly illegal. Luckily it’s outside the jurisdiction of the POLLice. You just have to hope the Durtle Patrol isn’t on to you.


Yikes, I don’t want to be an arrested durtle :scream:


Isn’t it four days instead of a week though?

officer durtle


Not unless they changed it recently without telling us

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I believe it is a week for the first Guru now and has been for a few weeks. As for how many weeks, my best guess is three or four weeks and again, that’s a guess.


Because it says right there on their website 4 days lol. So something’s not updated here.

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Oh yes, the website has been outdated for years

welp, so much for being the knowledge base.

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These forums are the real knowledge base. WK outsourced support to community, and it works.


I contacted WK Support, though, so it should be fixed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: