WK's Lesson Ordering Feature Help

I just discovered the “Lesson Ordering” setting whilst exploring WK’s settings in my account. It has three options:

  • Ascending Level then Subject
  • Shuffle
  • Ascending Level then Shuffled

I’m confused as to what these do––how does it change the review experience on WK? The provided description does not adequately explain what each option does…

Any explanation would be greatly appreciated!! :heart:

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Sure thing ^^

Ascending Level then Subject

Lessons are in order of WaniKani Level, but within each level, they’re ordered by type of lesson - so radical, kanji, vocabulary. So level one items, in order of type, then level two, and so on.


Lessons aren’t in any order, just randomised.

Ascending Level then Shuffled

Lessons are in order of WaniKani level, but then within each level they’re randomised.


Ahh, so this has nothing to do with reviews then. 確かに「Lesson Ordering」って書いてあるね。笑

I wish there was something like this for reviews! :sob::sob:

Thank you!!

You’re in luck, such a thing exists! Just be sure you use it wisely, it’s not a good idea to prioritise just the items that will let you level up, for example, but if you’ve got a large stack and you’re trying to work through them, it can help.

Depending on your use case, you might get more use from a prioritisation option, rather than a reorganising one, like this:


Ah, yeah. I used to use these back when they were free for Safari… :confused:

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