My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )

Everyone, I’m in the process of rewriting some parts of the Guide.

I’ve been thinking of removing the reorder script, due to it being easy to be abused. The Guide is being listed in the welcome emails from the behalf of the team, so I think it’s smart to protect the beginners from abuse.

Instead, I’ll be recommending these scripts:

  • Lesson Filter
  • SRS Reorder Button (Still not sure about this one - the only thing I find important is reordering by SRS level as it’s less damaging and more productive from a schedule pov to users).

I’ll be also adding the following scripts:

Do you have default settings for this one @rfindley? If so, which ones? A solid default settings would pretty much remove the need to even play with them in the first place (for the average user).

I’m probably forgetting some relevant scripts right now, so feel free to throw suggestions at me. This is just about the script chapter, but I intend to make a much significant change to the Guide. Vacation mode, full speed, schedule chapter, how to handle WK’s intensity, what to look for, etc… everything needs some sort of improvement :slight_smile: