My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )


Thanks so much for your guide. I am at level four of Wanikani and this is helping me so much. I am trying to access KameSame but I logged in and then everything is blank. Does anybody else have the same problem?



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Hey, glad it has been useful to you :slight_smile:

I’d suggest leaving a post reporting that on the KameSame’s thread. That’s where the creator of KS can help you out :slight_smile:

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Sorry you’re having an issue! Send me your OS and browser version. The most common cause for something like this is an older or unsupported browser

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Hi Searls,

I have chrome in Windows 10. I opened it in Opera and it works there but it is not a browser I normally use.

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Ok. I just verified the latest Chrome and Windows builds work for me. If you could open developer tools with ctrl-shift-I and click the console tab, it may tell you what the error is.

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Everyone, I’m in the process of rewriting some parts of the Guide.

I’ve been thinking of removing the reorder script, due to it being easy to be abused. The Guide is being listed in the welcome emails from the behalf of the team, so I think it’s smart to protect the beginners from abuse.

Instead, I’ll be recommending these scripts:

  • Lesson Filter
  • SRS Reorder Button (Still not sure about this one - the only thing I find important is reordering by SRS level as it’s less damaging and more productive from a schedule pov to users).

I’ll be also adding the following scripts:

Do you have default settings for this one @rfindley? If so, which ones? A solid default settings would pretty much remove the need to even play with them in the first place (for the average user).

I’m probably forgetting some relevant scripts right now, so feel free to throw suggestions at me. This is just about the script chapter, but I intend to make a much significant change to the Guide. Vacation mode, full speed, schedule chapter, how to handle WK’s intensity, what to look for, etc… everything needs some sort of improvement :slight_smile:


These are the default settings for Double-Check:

var defaults = {
    allow_retyping: true,
    allow_change_correct: true,
    allow_change_incorrect: true,
    typo_action: 'ignore',
    delay_wrong: true,
    delay_multi_meaning: false,
    delay_slightly_off: false,
    delay_period: 1.5,
    show_lightning_button: true,
    lightning_enabled: false,
    srs_msg_period: 1.2,
    autoinfo_correct: false,
    autoinfo_incorrect: false,
    autoinfo_multi_meaning: false,
    autoinfo_slightly_off: false

Essentially, it’s the normal WK experience except:

  • You can press backspace or click a ‘retype’ button to retype your answer (intended for typos, still requires knowing the correct answer)
  • Button to change answer to correct or incorrect is available. (like override, but can also mark an item wrong in case WK is too forgiving) (Both the ‘correct’ and ‘incorrect’ buttons can be disabled independently)
  • When you get an answer wrong, it locks the ‘next’ button for 1.5sec so you don’t accidentally proceed before taking a moment to review the item info (for people with a habit of double-tapping enter)

Sounds solid! Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to add it to the list then :v:


For beginners, I’d recommend disabling the ‘mark correct’ button. Frankly, I’d delete it from the script if there weren’t other people who like it.

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Yeah, I think it makes sense? The user can just override the answer and type it again correctly. Somehow I don’t want people hitting it for a spam of correct answers, even if that sounds weird and extremely niche :thinking: I mean, people skip vocab lessons with the reorder, after all :sweat_smile:


I’ll go ahead and change that default and post an update in a few min.

I think I’ll also disable the ‘mark wrong’ button by default, so someone doesn’t accidentally click ‘mark wrong’ and not know how to get it back to ‘correct’. Once they understand the script better, they can change the settings at any time.

edit: done


I wonder if the SRS reorder script writer could change the defaults to something less damaging either - like only priorities apprentice items etc. (and maybe even a settings interface…)

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Yeah, I’ll contact them tomorrow about that. Now I’m dying and I’m completely avoiding communicating in order not to say nonsense :rofl:




I use it quite often. I type too dang fast and misspell/mistype too often. (Actually, I just hit +)


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What do you think about something like what iKnow does? Basically, it gives you the reviews by staleness (for lack of a better term). For example, having a Master review a day overdue isn’t a big deal compared to being an hour overdue for an Apprentice 1 review, so you’d get the Apprentice 1 item first. But if you waited long enough, a Master review could eventually be prioritized over an Apprentice 1 item. You could even throw in a customizable randomness factor (maybe 10% by default) so you’re not guaranteed to get everything in exactly SRS order.


Do you mean that each item would get assigned a numerical value according to its staleness? So like, master is X hours, then divided by how many houra have gone by since the last time it was reviewed, and the smaller the number the earlier it will show up in reviews, regardless of item type?

(And, let’s say, a minimum of 10% of the reviews would be randomised? Preferably with the ability to add more randomness?)

I really like this idea! Since it would still be randomised somewhat, it could even be set to run automatically when you start reviewing rather than manually.

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More or less, yeah. I think the formula would basically be time since last review / SRS interval length. The higher the number the more stale it is. I would then multiply that number by the randomness factor. For a 10% randomness factor, this would be a random number between 0.9 and 1.1.

If this is something people are interested in, I’ll take a look. I already posted a question in the Open Framework thread to find out the best way to grab available review data. After that I should be able to experiment a bit.


I’m interested!