WaniKani SRS Reorder Button

I have written a lightweight script for reordering reviews by SRS level so feel free to use it if you like.

Download: WaniKani SRS Reorder Button

I was too lazy to create user interface for it, so it’s just a small button at the bottom of the page, but you can edit some settings in the script itself. Available features:

  • ordering by SRS level (ascending or descending),
  • ordering by item type (rad->kan->voc, reversed or random),
  • deciding which ordering has higher priority,
  • forcing meaning and reading of item to be directly next to each other,
  • forcing reading before meaning or meaning before reading.

Note that it may not work properly if other reorder scripts are active. Works well with Wanikani Review SRS/Level Indicator.


Does anyone know how well this works with: Wanikani Reorder Ultimate [old version, not working]?

I just need some visualization like this:

My settings are:

/* Settings */

questionTypeOrder = 1; // 1 - reading first, 2 - meaning first, 3 - random
itemTypeOrder = 3;     // 1 - rad->kan->voc, 2 - voc->kan->rad, 3 - random
ascendingSRS = true;   // low-level items first
priotitizeSRS = true;  // SRS order more important than item type order
force1x1 = false;       // meaning and reading directly next to each other

My goal is to clear the Apprentice pile, i.e., push everything into at least Guru.

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I saw the update and it is too cool. Thanks.

I had to take a few week break from WaniKani to finish my masters thesis; now that I’m back I started to use my script more intensively and I realized there really IS a need for some visualization of the items that are remaining for reviews. I also saw your post so decided to make a small update. Currently it may not look properly if you have too many items on each SRS level, but in most cases it should be ok. I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:

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I love the options you mention! But how do you chose them? I only see the one button, and it makes the visual come up and sort one specific way (not sure which way, but picks same vocab as front so I can tell it is sorted)
I haven’t tried doing any reviews to see what triggered or not, but really want to have the “forcing meaning and reading of item to be directly next to each other,” active most of all, getting them put of queue right away. I have ADD and loose attention randomly and often, and find if it times out I often have to repeat items I already did (cause it didn’t save when i only did the one way and not both)
Also seeing the number go down faster will help keep my attention :wink:

I had a look inside the script. Looks like it was on, and easy changed reading first to meaning by changing one number =)
Nice way of doing it =^-^=

Edit: Seems I didn’t get it to work ^^;

I turned off all other scripts (only kept “Real Numbers” script)

From the script:
questionTypeOrder = 2; // 1 - reading first, 2 - meaning first, 3 - random
itemTypeOrder = 1; // 1 - rad->kan->voc, 2 - voc->kan->rad, 3 - random
ascendingSRS = true; // low-level items first
priotitizeSRS = true; // SRS order more important than item type order
force1x1 = true; // meaning and reading directly next to each other

I have only touched the first line, put 2 instead of 1 to get meaning first.
Last line say true, doesn’t that mean it should trigger?
I didn’t get them side by side, I got other items next.

If I can get that side by side to function I will probably favor this over the Ultimate Reorder (I have it at disabled to not interfere with this script, but is my most used script)


It would be perfect if one could fully decide the order of priority of each individual SRS level instead of it just being either ascending or descending and if one could decide to leave out specific SRS levels from the reviews too

Are you sure you pressed the button before reviewing? If so, what browser are you using?

Yeah, and it did reorder them by srs properly, and giving me meaning first. Just the “side by side” that isn’t working.
I’m using firefox.

I have two other scripts active: WK Real Numbers (fix the +42) and WK Double Check (lets you mark as right or wrong. Need to keep this one on )

I also notice the number on the srs list goes down when I do the meaning, even though I haven’t completed the item yet. When I get the reading later the number doesn’t change. Shouldn’t it wait to go down till both sides have been answered?

I just installed WK Double Check and have the same issue. It looks like that script is just incompatible with the one I made, so unfortunately they can’t be used together. Btw. I use Wanikani Override for similar purpose and it works fine, though it doesn’t let you mark correct answer as false.

Thank you for checking =^-^=
I can switch for that one, marking up my typos is more important than marking down those rare corrects =)

Oddly enough the rest of the script seems to work fine though, and I had the same problem with the Ultimate Reorder. It too has a 1x1 feature, but it never worked =P

OK, just tried it out with override instead, and I love it! If I fail and hit the override I can try again immediately. This is great for pure typos which I get a lot. I write fast and don’t look back at my writing :wink:

New edit: Ok, so I just finished a sessions and found words I used override on still show as marked down… That defeats the purpose of it. Guess I’ll just have to use the Double Check instead, and just accept that 1x1 mode doesn’t work with it.

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Underrated script right here :point_up:


I use it when catching up with a backlog. Is good.


Do you still use this script? I don’t see any buttons. :man_shrugging: What page does this button should appear?

On Reviews:

On Dashboard:

I installed this one a year and a half ago, when I was still doing reviews on FireFox. I don’t think I installed this one again when I moved to Chrome for reviews

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Hey~I’ve notice some minor thing with this script that any button I pressed on the bottom right of the review page (WK Improve setting and Override, for my case), this reorder script will be auto pressed as well and clicking it again does not revert it to random order.

Not that it’s a major bug or anything, but if there’s any way to update the script, it would be awesome!

Thanks for pointing this out! The bug was very simple to fix so the new version is already available.


Thanks so much man, will check it out tonight!