Now Reading: Volume 6! フルーツバスケット・Fruits Basket 🍏 🍇 🍑 🍒 🍐 🍊 (Beginner Book Club)

Welcome to フルーツバスケット Vol. 3 (Original Edition)

We have read Volume 1 (Collector’s Edition) / Volume 1 + 2 (Original Edition) as the Beginner Book Club.

Now we’re continuing from Volume 2 (Collector’s Edition) / Volume 3 (Original Edition) as an offshoot book club. For more details on the volumes’ schedules please see the individual threads below.

Fruits Basket 1

If you want to take part… just buy the book and join in the discussion! Or maybe catch up on the previous volumes first? There’s a membership poll further down.

Not sure if this is for you? Check out the sample pages in the Nomination Post - remember that your fellow book club members and the vocab sheet will be here to help you out though :wink:

Buy the Book

We are reading the Collector’s Edition - if you are reading the eBook you’ll need to buy two volumes of the original. See the reading schedule to find out which volumes to buy!

Warning: there is a spin-off series called ‘Another’, which has a very similar-looking front cover to the Collector’s Edition.

Physical | CDJapan | Amazon JP

eBook | Kobo Vol. 1 | Kobo Vol. 2 | Kindle Vol. 1 | Kindle Vol. 2

There are of course other eBook retailers, including BookWalker, which has a choice of ‘colour’ or normal editions.

Reading Schedule

Volume 1 (Collector’s Edition) / Volumes 1 + 2 (Original Edition)

Volume 1 Reading Schedule
Week Start Date Chapter Pages (old) Pages (Collector’s) Page Count
Week 1 June 20th Chapter 1 (上) 5 - 29 9 - 31 23
Week 2 June 27th Chapter 1 (下) 30 - 52 32 - 54 23
Week 3 July 4th Chapter 2 53 - 82 55 - 84 30
Week 4 July 11th Chapter 3 83 - 112 85 - 114 30
Week 5 July 18th Chapter 4 113 - 142 115 - 144 30
Week 6 July 25th Chapter 5 143 - 174 145 - 176 32
Week 7 August 1st Chapter 6 175 - 205 177 - 208 32
Week 8 August 8th Chapter 7 3 - 36 (v2) 209 - 242 34
Week 9 August 15th Chapter 8 37 - 66 (v2) 243 - 272 30
Week 10 August 22nd Chapter 9 67 - 96 (v2) 273 - 302 30
Week 11 August 29th Chapter 10 97 - 127 (v2) 303 - 333 31
Week 12 September 5th Chapter 11 128 - 160 (v2) 334 - 366 33
Week 13 September 12th Chapter 12 161 - 190 (v2) 367 - 396 30

Offshoot Book Club

As most of the participants are reading the Original Edition, we are switching the numbering scheme, i.e. we will follow the Original Edition numbering scheme from now on. That’s why we are starting at Volume 3 :sweat_smile: For the reading schedule, please see the individual volumes’ threads.

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I’m posting this much earlier than usual just to give people more time to procure the book, given the difficult circumstances surrounding shipping and supply chains and whatnot right now.

Of course it’s probably just not possible to buy the physical edition for most people right now, but at least it might be more on people’s radars whenever they do get a chance. I thought about posting it a few weeks ago and rather regret not doing so.


I’ll be sticking with the anime for this one, but have fun! :blush:


omg I forgot season 2 had started! runs to crunchy

(thank you!)


I’ll be waiting 6 months so I can binge it. :sweat_smile:


I’m hoping I’ll be able to re-try shipping my books home to Sweden before this club starts since my book is currently in Japan (and I’m in Sweden) because none of my book packages managed to leave Japan before JapanPost quit shipping stuff overseas. :sob: Crossing my fingers that they will be able to start shipping to Sweden again before this club starts. :crossed_fingers:


Planning to join for the first half, since that one is still free to read. :upside_down_face: Not interested enough to pay money for it.

@MissDagger :crossed_fingers: you can get everything shipped soon! That was so unfortunate. :sob: Should it take longer, you could also read the regular first volume for free on various readers to tide you over a bit longer?


Thanks. That’s a good idea. I’ll go ahead and get that. :blush: Where is it still free? When I checked Amazon and Kobo it wasn’t free…


I see 2 versions of the ebook on Amazon, but I don’t know if they’re the same because I can’t read all the details (yet) :sweat_smile::

Also the cover on the printed version in the OP is so much prettier :sob:


Is this the series with the zodiac animals? :thinking: I don’t remember

@skymaiden I think they’re the same, just one of them, i think, can only be used for a limited time.

@neriander yeah it is. at least the one where people turn into the zodiac animals.


Thanks! So they had them separated out! The links in the OP took me to the normal version which is why it cost money. ^^


I’ll add more links :anguished:

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I’m hoping this will become a “spin of”, I own the entire series, including Another Note! <3

Season two is out?!! O_o
*runs of to watch


Called fruit basket but title has no fruit emoticons smh


Excuse you, but I very carefully considered which emoji to use for the title :stuck_out_tongue:

I do agree a smorgasbord of fruit would look more interesting though - once we get going I might use that for this thread and then stick to this style for the discussion threads


:apple: :banana: :grapes: :basket:



Free from Amazon… unless you live in Australia :sob:

Just set a Japanese address like the rest of us. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t think one should put a peeled banana in a basket :thinking: