Week 8: フルーツバスケット ・ Fruits Basket 🍏 🍇 🍑 🍒 🍐 🍊 🧺

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Home Thread: フルーツバスケット ・ Fruits Basket :green_apple: :grapes: :peach: :cherries: :pear: :tangerine: :basket:

Week 8

Fruits Basket 1

Start Date: August 8th
Previous Part: Week 7
Next Part: Week 9


Week Start Date Chapter Pages (old) Pages (Collector’s) Page Count
Week 8 August 8th Chapter 7 3 - 36 (v2) 209 - 242 34

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I don’t think I am going to keep reading this. Not much is happening in terms of story, and I am not really interested in the characters :man_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:

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Well, I decided to stick with this one for the second volume - I was swayed by the sweet way the first volume ended xD They do feel like a little family now, which is quite cute.

But seriously, whose random dog is that :rofl:


I thought the same thing :joy: That’s a bit much, especially considering strays aren’t a thing in Japan… But, hey, plot (?) device. :woman_shrugging:

That’s too bad :slightly_frowning_face: I actually like most of them, and I was happy to get some background on how those two became 透’s friends.


Ugh. I just wanted to catch up, opened volume 2 and only got a white page with a text telling me that I can’t read the manga. Apparently it wasn’t free to keep. I wish they’d be a bit more clear, same inconsistency as Honto. I can’t even get rid of it. It keeps showing up in my Kindle library. :sweat_smile:

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How strange! I just checked mine (I downloaded the free version) and it is still working OK.

You can manage your digital downloads through your account on the Amazon website. I think it is called “manage content and devices” or something like that. You can permanently delete stuff from there.

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Huh, weird. When did you ‘order’ them? I got them on July 10. Did you already download them? I really should have downloaded and plugged them into Calibre. <.<

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It says I ordered them on May 8, so I probably downloaded them the same day. It seems weird that they would stop you from reading them after a certain date. I hope you can figure it out.

And thanks for the reminder to update my calibre library.

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I guess I should have downloaded them right away, too. Not much to figure out, I just bought volume 2 and started reading. :blush:


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In case you want to avoid the same thing happening in the future, the kindle manga that only temporarily can be read for free usually have something like this in the title :slight_smile: (and then the description usually gives the exact date it can be read until)



Ya, I’m aware and usually don’t bother with those because I never read them in time anyway. I can’t remember that they had a date in the description, but they probably did. I guess I wasn’t paying much attention when I got them. Welp, not a big deal though. :open_book:


I had to check my kindle. I took down LOTS of free stuff, just cause free :rofl:
It automatically downloaded to my kindle on my phone, so still readable =)

Just me or had someone else this song stuck in their head after reading this part?


OMG I totally missed out on this when I read the chapter! But now that you highlighted it, I immediately got it. Thanks for pointing it out!

And thanks for the earworm :rofl:

My pleasure! :+1:t2: (now I’m not the only one :smirk:)

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