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Week 7

Fruits Basket 1

Start Date: August 1st
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Week 7 August 1st Chapter 6 175 - 205 177 - 208 32

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Hm, okay, so how is it legal for 由紀 and 夾 to just bring her back? I assume her grandpa is her current legal guardian. I don’t see what 紫呉 can do about it, despite his assurance to leave it to him at the end.
In other news, though, using a detective agency against your relatives? D*ck move from 透’s family.


Didn’t the grandpa basically say it was fine for her to leave? Before the others showed up, but still.


That’s how I took it as well. (Wanted to first re-read before commenting to double-check my understanding, but if you say so too, that’s very reassuring :upside_down_face:)

I guess he didn’t foresee it happening so fast though :rofl:


Yes, he did, but that’s not legal either, as far as I can tell #notalawyer. I guess it makes things simpler for 紫呉 to fill the appropriate paperwork though? :thinking:
Also, the rest of the family may argue that he is a cloud cuckoo lander who’s confusing his granddaughter for his daughter. At the same time, they are probably happier without her around.

This remark got me curious (OFF-TOPIC)

and so I researched a bit :slight_smile: Disclaimer: I researched for the situation in Germany, so this will probably be different in other countries. For your entertainment, I added the legal terms in German. To limit distractions, I blurred them.

In Germany, a teenager’s custodian (“Sorgeberechtigter”) has the right to determine the domicile of their child (“Aufenthaltsbestimmungsrecht”) . This does not necessarily have to be their home; there can be good reasons, e.g. the underage child wants to start an apprenticeship that is far away.
Also, a teenager is not fully contractually capable (“eingeschränkt geschäftsfähig”) , e.g. they cannot sign a tenancy agreement and so the custodian needs to sign that. On the other hand, the custodian is still liable for support (“unterhaltspflichtig”) , just as before.

As one can imagine, all of this requires the consent of the custodian. An underage child can only move out of their home against the will of the custodian if custodianship is revoked (“Sorgerechtsentzug”) , and that can only happen in grave circumstances (e.g. the life or the development of the child is endangered, those things).

To sum this up: because the grandfather agreed, it would be legal if it took place in Germany. No idea about Japan, though, and I don’t feel inclined to research this :joy_cat:


Well, the more you know :thinking: and, indeed, cases like boarding schools would make sense as well.


In a manga where they hit eachother so hard they fly through doors and turn into animals, I wouldn’t think too much about the legality of her living there on her own. :thinking: :grin:


Daughter in law =)
All the relations we met in this chapter is from her fathers side.
Which is also why they judge her mother so poorly, she isn’t “family”

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Was that established? :astonished: But yes, that would make sense.


It was vague, but is cannon =)


Oh, I just had a quick look and it is mentioned toward the beginning of chapter 1. I guess I just didn’t pay too much attention to her situation at the time.


They never focused much on it, I don’t think we even get most of their names cause they aren’t “important” :rofl: