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Home Thread: フルーツバスケット ・ Fruits Basket :green_apple: :grapes: :peach: :cherries: :pear: :tangerine: :basket:

Week 3

Fruits Basket 1

Start Date: July 4th
Previous Part: Week 2
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Week Start Date Chapter Pages (old) Pages (Collector’s) Page Count
Week 3 July 4th Chapter 2 53 - 82 55 - 84 30

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I wonder, is the rambling of the author also in the collector’s edition? Because I don’t think it would age well. (This time it’s about being crazy about some video game, for instance).


I’m doing read-alouds with friends, and one has read them all and is reading from the collector’s edition. According to her the author took those out.


From the back of the (English) collector’s edition.


Page 61


I think this boils down to something like “The 12 Chinese zodiac animals are the same 12 forms that we are possessed by.” But I’m not sure because I’m having a hard time nailing down the second line. Especially the 怪 kanji. I guess it’s another case of the kanji and furigana not matching (furigana says け) but I’m not sure what meaning to take from it.

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The furigana does match the kanji in this instance :sweat_smile: 物の怪 means (evil) spirit. You might have heard of Princess Mononoke, for instance.

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When I was reading it out loud to myself, trying to make sense of it, I actually thought about Princess Mononoke. :sweat_smile: But when I searched for 物の怪, I couldn’t find anything. Thank you!

Strange. It’s in my phone’s dictionary. I just checked and jisho also has it :thinking:

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Page 57 is gold!

Page 57

Is ちょっぱ a pizza place or something?

Everyone are animals for some reason!


Souma san is the one feeding them?

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Page 57

I think “raising” would be a better use case here than “feeding”. Like, “Oh, so Souma san raises pets/animals?”

This part gets me every time xD


Oh yeah raising makes more sense.

Page 57

Something like I don’t need to give you an explanation except I don’t know what なっちまったら is
EDIT: Apparently なっちまったら is a contraction of なってしまったら

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Page 63 is really tough for me, I’m not sure what’s going on

Page 63 collector's edition


Which form are you?


He may know martial arts but they have to be easy on his back (?)


At least you can read him?


Yuki should really go easy on him as he’s a child (?)


I can’t help it if I didn’t notice (?)


He realizes there’s a girl (?)


My interpretations: (this page gave me some trouble too x’D)

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Well, I have managed to break the spreadsheet for chapter 3 :sweat_smile: Sorry everyone who is currently using it, I’m trying to make sense of the conditional formatting to fix it the nice way, otherwise I’ll just do it manually.

Basically, I wanted to add a word before the first word, but the page number was coloured the same as the page below and I couldn’t change it. In my attempt to do so, everything has coloured blue. Undo didn’t solve it :pensive: So does the colour only change when you type a different number from above, but not below?

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Looking at the issues that this alternating coloring seems to give us, I wonder whether it is really worthwhile to keep it?
Especially because this alternating coloring is meant to help keep my eye on one line, but because I look at the (editable) spreadsheet and not at some webpage or printed sheet of paper, I usually click on the line anyways if I need to focus on it, so that it gets a “selection” border, and that’s all I need :woman_shrugging:


I’ve found it useful, speeds up the process of finding/seeing new lines quickly, but not by that much. Like you said, you can just click on the lines to highlight them. I don’t think it’s a big deal if we end up dropping it, or if it ends up being broken every now and again xD


To me the zebra pattern makes no difference, because as you say, I keep track of the line with my cursor anyway. But that’s also the least troubling formatting.

But I found very useful the authomatic coloring of page numbers when filling chapter 2. I think I’ve done the only thing that could break it, it seems to update correctly if you just insert a row anywhere except the very first line.

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Oh, I guess then I don’t really know what you broke :sweat_smile: (looks good to me now).

I was just more thinking aloud because a few people seemed to struggle with the formatting…

Oh I just realized I’ve been saying chapter2/3 when I meant week 2/3 (that’s why I’m posting in this thread). Week 3 is the one coloured manually now.

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