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Week 2

Fruits Basket 1

Start Date: June 27th
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Week Start Date Chapter Pages (old) Pages (Collector’s) Page Count
Week 2 June 27th Chapter 1 (下) 30 - 52 32 - 54 23

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No questions this week! \(^o^)/

Are we supposed to update our status in the poll when we finish the chapter? Or is it an option for people who have read it beforehand?

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Of course you are not “supposed to” anything :joy_cat:

But I personally like to “check in” somehow after I finished the week’s reading of a book club, and so I started adding this option. My intention with it is that people can change their status at any time, (even those who read this book later than the book club), so that it’s visible to others.

From my experience so far (I’ve used this in another bookclub already), some people update their status and some people don’t, so the poll doesn’t give a very clear picture of the “now” status, but I like it anyways :upside_down_face:


Week 2 Sentence breakdown attempt #1

Page 36

Is itThe feeling of going to school and working was what I thought

Page 37


If only I didn’t see her (back), going out to work

Page 36

I think it’s more like "I didn’t have an interest in going to high school and thought I would work. The 気ない I’m pretty sure comes from 気ある-to have an interest in. So 「高校いく気なくて…」would be "to not have an interest in going to school.

Page 37

I’m not sure about page 37. I’m kind of getting what you are. Like, if she hadn’t known that her mom was leaving she wouldn’t feel so bad?


Week 2 Sentence breakdown attempt #2

Page 38


It will not be the case that I lose against the fever

Page 41

I’m lost on this one

Page 41

For the first bit, my guess is something like “[Only?[ this time, don’t over do it.” I’m not sure what the と here is doing. I wasn’t sure if it was cutting short of ないといけない but that changes the meaning to “I have to do it”.

The second bit, 野垂れ死に means “dying by the roadside”, but unclear what it means with 決定 in this context. So yeah, this one has me pretty lost too.

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Page 37

I read it more as: “I didn’t even see her back (aka go to work).” But I’m not at a stage where I feel sure of my more comprehensive understanding. :sweat_smile:

Fairly easy chapter. Since I mostly read for general comprehension, I don’t have any questions although there were a couple of sentences that I felt a bit iffy on. But then I also didn’t look up much, so looking up the words might have been enough. ^^