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Week 1

Fruits Basket 1

Start Date: June 20th
Next Part: Week 2


Week Start Date Chapter Pages (old) Pages (Collector’s) Page Count
Week 1 June 20th Chapter 1 (上) 5 - 29 9 - 31 23

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I’m not sure how to add furigana, sorry for the inconvenience! I’m also not sure when to add spoiler tags, so I just did it on all definitions.

Page 6

Can anyone read the handwritten text in and above the first panel?

腐る to decay/rot
海 ocean

腐海 = ocean of decay?

そんな由希は 折りヅルもマトモに 折れないほど不器用 です。

折り - couldn’t find a direct translation
ヅル - I found 狡い(ずる), meaning sly, but they aren’t spelled the same.
折れる - I’m not sure what this means either due to no context.
不器用 - awkward/clumsy

Page 7

宴会 - banquet

留守番 - house-sitting

Page 8

All I can say is “what an introduction” lol.

女手 - jisho says female help, but I think this is more along the lines of saying her mom was a single mom (with the “一つ” that follows).

余裕 - surplus. I’ve never seen this written until now; just spoken.
散策 - exploring

私の取り柄は どんな時でも ぬげない事です

取り柄 - redeeming feature
脱げる - to come off

Not sure what she’s referring to in the last part, but…

My redeeming feature is that no matter what, I don’t let [my happy demeanor] come off


Ch. 1; Top of page 4, second frame. Tohru-san says the following:

Attempted Breakdown

今年の5月に: In May of this year
女手一つで: working woman
一つで: only
育て: raising
てくれた: ?
母を亡くし: Mom was lost through death

I assume it means roughly the following: In May of this year my mother, who was a only a working woman and raised me, passed away.

But I can’t make sense of てくれた. is it involving くれる meaning to come to an end?

My grammar is still only Genki I so pardon the mistakes, don’t have time to study so I’m hoping to improve through reading!


てくれる means that her mother did something for her and in this case, raised her


so would it be broken down as follows?

育てる:to be raised (conjugated in the te-form)
くれる: to do the favor of (conjugated in the past-casual form)
育てて・くれた: did me the favor of raising (me)


その通り! That’s right!


ありがとう! :blush:


Page 5: First Frame (top right)


I assume she’s using the past continuous form as a result of a change, eg a house was (and still is) built here. Whats the difference between using ていました instead of ています?


紫呉も同罪なんですけどね Shigure is also guilty

Edit: Oh I didn’t notice your other question on the same page.

Page 6

折り鶴 is a paper crane.
The sentence says he is so clumsy he can’t (even) properly (まともに) fold (折る, in the potential form) a paper crane.

Page 8 that’s めげる not ぬげる :sweat_smile:

The difference is that she didn’t know about it. We do the same thing in English. “So there was a house here”.

Page 6

Above the first panel:

“Shigure is guilty as well.”

Text in the first panel:

“Tohru’s not here yet.”

“Yuki’s so clumsy that he can’t even fold a paper crane.”
折りヅル - paper crane
折れる - to be able to fold (potential form of 折る)

Yes, it’s a metafor for Yuki’s pile of garbage.

Page 8

Yes, that’s correct! She was a single working mother.

She says:
“My redeeming quality is that I never shrink away from any situation.”
めげる means to be discouraged or to shrink away.

Page 6

Also, it’s only confirmed after the end of this week’s reading (read too far, oopsy), but it’s a reference to 腐海の森 from ナウシカ.



Looking forward to start reading! Just one question: why zero fruit emoji in the discussion thread title? :thinking: Emoji would make it much easier to find in the list :smiley:


haha, somebody appreciates the utility of the emojis :grin:


I myself am guilty of not using them actually :see_no_evil: I should probably add a :poop: to the Shin Chan threads :joy:

EDIT: Grave error of judgement rectified!


I don’t have this in my collectors edition, are you reading from the regular ones?

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I love it :grin:

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Well, I am at least.

Hey everyone! This is my first book club here!

So when we’re talking about Page 8, we’re talking about this one right?

Page 8


So she’s saying since there’s enough time today, I’ll go for a walk around the area?


Hey, welcome! :slight_smile:

That’s how I read it as well.


Why is chapter 1 split into two 上巻 and 下巻? I’ve only read that 上巻 is volume 1 and 下巻 is volume 2 but that doesn’t seem to be the case here…

Page 14


Is this 透, thinking: “That must’ve hurt (because 由希 hit the other dude). Is there a dictionary or something in this bag?”?

I also don’t know what やたら would mean in this sentence.

Thanks for the help in advance!

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