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Week 11

Fruits Basket 1

Start Date: August 29th
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Week 11 August 29th Chapter 10 97 - 127 (v2) 303 - 333 31

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Oh, I just realized I’m a bit behind, but I should finish this week’s chapter by the end of the weekend. I’ve been lacking motivation to do anything all week… bit of a downer, but I should get back on track with the new week. :blush:


Page 103: とても厳しそうな方ですし なにやら言葉の端々怒ってらっしゃる風で

He seems like a very strict/serious person. For some reason all his words are in an angry/mad manner?

I do get the individual parts, but don’t get how they’re glued together.

Page 114: 関わらなければなんて後悔だけは 絶対にしません するはずがないのです
I think it means something alone the lines of I don’t regret being involved with the Souma family, but it’s so confusing


関わらなければなんて後悔だけは 絶対にしません するはずがないのです

関わらなければ - to be involved with, negative, ~eba = If I’m not involved

なんて後悔だけは = I never really get the なんて when it’s in front of things like that… = things like/what regret, no idea where to stick the だけ

絶対にしません = absolutely not have I guess, … though now when I go through it like this, it doesn’t really make sense at all with all the negatives, I can’t wrap my head around it

するはずがないのです = No idea other than はずがない = it cannot be that…, and のです = the reason is that - but what is the する doing there?

Please help lol

Fruits Basket really isn’t all that easy, imo. I can’t really describe what it is, but I think it’s using a lot of kana only words that are often strung together? Not sure, but compared to the other book clubs I’ve participated in, this one really is quite tough in terms of parsing sentences.

Page 103

These two panels are connected to the one in the top left corner, where she expresses her surprise that he has this decorated picture of the woman in his home (you see the flowers next to the picture frame on the shelf?). The two sentences you quoted are her explanations on why she is surprised:

  • because he seems to be so strict (maybe you overlooked し a the end of that part? that’s the “because” here)
  • [because] his words always sound as if he is angry (here she trails off before the verb and therefore before し, but we can still assume it is there because it is normally used as a kind of enumeration of reasons)
Page 114

I think it makes more sense to read them from right to left, i.e. in the order: top - bottom - middle left

This is probably not a word-by-word exact translation but I would go with something like:
関わらなければなんて - just to think of being not involved
後悔だけはするはずがないのです - it’s impossible to even have regrets

“I will never have [regrets]” (see zettaini - Jisho.org)

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I indeed unintentionally ignored the し at the end of the sentence. :smiley:

Thanks, helped me clear up those two things. Sometimes the manga really makes it hard to follow the order of the text lol

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