Powerpunching my way to the golden badge! (AKA my level 60 thread)

Hey there,

so most of you aren’t going to read all of this anyway, but that won’t stop me from making a way too long level 60 post!

This is how I feel right now:
goldenbadge 1282786204310

Don’t know if anyone remembers my early days here on the forums, but my first post here (which is actually a topic) was quite cringe worthy… :sweat_smile:
Back then, level 60 seemed like such an unreachable goal to me… But now I’m here, with a shiny golden badge!

The last 10 levels were very interesting. You knew you were very close to the end, but it was still quite a ways to go. Especially because I decided to take the fast levels at slow level speeds. Which also had the interesting side effect, that other people who were going full speed and were roughly the same level as me, quickly overtook me. Looking at you @RysingDragon and @Naphthalene! :kissing_heart:


I first developed an interest in Japan back in 2007-2008ish. Back then I was watching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, which gave me my first impressions of japanese culture and life style. Albeit a glorified and not true to reality impression, it sparked my passion for anything japanese.
Japan stayed just a curiosity of mine for many years, though.
It wasn’t until 2015ish where I developed a growing desire to actually live in Japan. Back then I was in the middle of a huge transition in my life. I moved out of my parent’s house to Berlin for an apprenticeship as a Game Programmer on a private school specialized on game development.
During the apprenticeship I didn’t think much about my dream, until summer of 2017 in my final term on the school. A class-mate who is also interested in Japan was using a very interesting website which taught kanji. He told me about it, what it does and how it does it. That site, you guessed it, was wanikani! :stuck_out_tongue:
Not long after I thought to myself; if I want to live in Japan someday, I have to know japanese! So I started to learn the kana. Katakana first actually, since I’ve always loved how they look.
After I’ve learned all kana and kana combinations, I registered for this amazing website called wanikani and the rest is history.


My method is heavily inspired by @jprspereira’s method, though everything had fixed intervals which is the reason for my perfect 7 day levels.

The general level-up cycle goes like this:
Monday 9am → Guru remaining kanji from last level and learn new radicals
Monday 1pm → Radical apprentice 2 review
Monday 9pm → Radical apprentice 3 review
Tuesday 8pm → Radical apprentice 4 review
Thursday 7pm → Guru radicals and learn remaining kanji
Thursday 11pm → Kanji apprentice 2 review
Friday no later than 11am → Kanji apprentice 3 review
Saturday no later than 10am → Kanji apprentice 4 review
Repeat cycle.

I did 25 lessons each day, 15 in the morning (9-11am) and 10 in the evening (5-7pm), unless there were no lessons to do of course. I did radical lessons first, then kanji, then vocab.
For most of my wanikani career I did all my reviews as they came up, but about level 43ish, I started to limit my hourly reviews to 25. This had the effect that the reviews didn’t stack up to 100+ item piles anymore and I’d only spend 5-10 minutes each hour at most doing reviews. I’ve used the ultimate reorder script to make sure I do the important reviews first.


I’ve only started tracking my stats at around Level 16, so forgive the incomplete data, please!
I have a project on hiatus that remedies that! I hope I’ll find some time next year to work on it.

Items in SRS

Guru level items


Items left in level

Total items

If you read this, comment “Powerpuncher thinks I am awesome!” :smiley:

Item accuracy

Type accuracy

Type accuracy 2




List of all scripts I have installed.

If you’ve actually read all of this, thank you very much, you are awesome!
And thanks to this awesome community to which I’ve come back daily for over a year and will continue to come back to!



Glückwunsch! On Christmas too, of all things. What a lovely present. :smile:


Powerpuncher thinks I am awesome?

You thought I’d skip data nerdery? That’s my favorite part.

Congrats on the 60!


You seriously managed to get 7 days 0 hours for like all of your levels?? I am terrified of you.

Edit: Congrats too! :laughing::tada:


Congrats on making it! It’s pretty impressive how consistent you were on you levels. I wouldn’t have been able to do all that without taking a break in between. I had to take a break every 10 levels on my way up. You were like a kanji eating machine. :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyways, congratulations again and (hopefully soon) you can achieve that goal of living in Japan!


wohooo! Congrats!

But I love your beards more! You know that!


Congratulations!! :tada:
Gah, now I feel the pressure to make a way-too-long-level-60 thread™ as well…

Also thanks for all the stats. I like stats.


Ah, PowerPuncher making it to level 60. It’s not a Christmas miracle, because that consistency in level-up time shows how very capable you are.

Congratulations! :purple_heart: Your hard work paid off with some lovely gold!



Thanks! A very nice present indeed! :smiley:

Yes, I think you are awesome, thank you!

Thanks! I had a fixed schedule and once I was in the rhythm, it wasn’t too hard to keep it up.^^

Thank you! I only have one beard, though… :eyes:

Yeah, I was waiting for your thread so I could officially congratulate you, but you never made one… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Squeels at Aiz pic Thank you so much!! :heart:


Congratulations! I remember you vividly from our below lvl 10 times. Enjoy that golden shine and go get that cake!


… yet.
I want to sit down and write it properly. But that’s not going to happen until things calm down at work.
And as soon as that happen, I’m going to take some vacations, because boi am I exhausted.

The weird thing is that if I took all the time I spend on the forum and put it in making that thread, I would be done already. Such a paradox.
注: not actually a paradox.


Congratulations and thank you. I love when those who reach level 60 share their experience. :slight_smile:


Congrats Power! What do you plan to do with your new-found perfect fluency? (also, are you gonna take a break? I took a pretty long break after wk to read amazon reviews…or something).


Congratulations, and thanks for pointing out your scripts

What did you use to track the stats? Is this a script as well?

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Powerpuncher thinks I’m awesome. When in reality, I just like to click on triangles

おめでとう🎉!Welcome to the club! I’m so proud of you!


Congrats Powerpuncher!

I’ll meet you there! but I don’t know when because I’m failing so many burn reviews today kill me


:sparkles::tada::star_struck: おめでとうございます ! :star_struck::tada::sparkles:

ENJOY ALL THE LEVEL 60 CAKE! :durtle_love:


:crabigator: :cake: :six::zero: :cake: :crabigator:

:crabigator: :cake: :six::zero: :cake: :crabigator:

:crabigator: :cake: :six::zero: :cake: :crabigator:

:crabigator: :cake: :six::zero: :cake: :crabigator:

:crabigator: :cake: :six::zero: :cake: :crabigator:

:crabigator: :cake: :six::zero: :cake: :crabigator:

:crabigator: :cake: :six::zero: :cake: :crabigator:

:crabigator: :cake: :six::zero: :cake: :crabigator:

:crabigator: :cake: :six::zero: :cake: :crabigator:


I know this feel has been sitting on level 59 for 70 days

Congratulations on going gold!! :tada:


Thank you :3

Thanks, and what can I say, except you’re welcome!

Thank you! Not really a break no. I want to finally get started with grammar, but I’ll wait till new year to start.

Thanks! The stats are from a google sheets document. Somebody posted a template here on the forums, but I can’t seem to find it…

Yes, I think you are awesome! And thank you!

I’ll patiently wait for you! :heart:

Thanks so much! :heart_eyes:

You can do it! :muscle: And thank you!


I kinda abandoned it (but I’ll get back to answering questions and improving it >.>):

(PS - congrats on the 60! :tada:)