[Userscript] Self Quiz Orientated Lessons

Self Quiz Orientated Lessons is a small QoL enhancement that alters the items header during lessons.

Breakdowns have their text replace with an ellipses. The meaning and reading phases will display a few of the available answers up to 20 characters long.

In addition the prompt for taking a quiz after cycling through lessons for the first time has been removed. You can fearlessly mash that enter key while studying!

Compatibility: I’m using the latest Chrome and Tampermonkey. It’s a simple script so there shouldn’t be a problem on the major browsers anyway. If something breaks drop me a line and I’ll try to check it out.

Install here: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/31747-self-q-o-l

If you spot a bug or something mention it in comments. If possible include a screenshot and/or details on the lesson item. My current lesson pool is pretty small, so there’s a good chance I missed something.

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Maybe I’m missing something, but does it just move the information from below the header to up into the header? Like, so you have to look around the page less? If that’s the case, I don’t really understand the name for it.

I’m on my work computer so I can’t try it.

Bingo! I named it that since my primary use* was to reiterate through items flash card style before starting the lesson quiz. I’ve found that drilling items for a couple rounds like this help me remember them better for the first few review sessions. Unfortunately, I’ve started missing meanings more frequently in reviews partially because I’m too lazy to cover up that part of the screen during lessons.

The original UI always sets the text under the item in the header to it’s primary English reading, which isn’t really helpful unless someone really likes drilling that aspect of terms. This script set it to a small blurb of potential definitions/readings that are more meaningful after the initial read and more conducive to the kind of self quizzing I described above.

*Also, I thought it was hilarious that I could get Q.O.L as part of the name for a lazy quality of life script.

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