[Userscript] Wanikani DotDotDot Expander


Wanikani DotDotDot Expander


Several places on Wanikani show abbreviated English meaning, such as “Undergrou…”, probably for proper display on small mobile screens. But on desktops and tablets, the full text can easily fit without being abbreviated. This script expands the “…” back into full text.

[Original script by Takuya Kobayashi (@kobayashi), currently maintained by @rfindley]

See before (left) and after (right):

On the Kanji tiles, where there isn’t room for expansion, you can hover over the tile to see the fully expanded text.

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Awesome. Thanks for doing this!


@viet @oldbonsai

Is there any chance that this can be done on the WaniKani side? Now that the modern browsers support text-overflow: ellipsis, it should be possible to do this more neatly on your end.


Yeah, supporting this natively would be great.


Thank you for this script rfindley!


I wonder @viet @oldbonsai, is this something you’ve looked into?