New User Script: Common Vocabulary Indicator

Uses to indicate whether a vocabulary word is considered “common” or not.

Adds the word “Common” or “Uncommon” to the top right corner depending on whether dubs the vocabulary word as such.

Uses: WaniKani uses vocabulary to help solidify the different pronunciations for the individual Kanji, however some of the vocab used to teach these pronunciations are out of date and are not used in day to day life in Japan anymore. I have encountered this problem when speaking with my tutor and they laugh at how old the word sounds. I’ve decided to create a script to indicate whether a word is common or not so I can spend less energy on the old ones. I’m a slow mover with wanikani and I can’t afford to get hung up on vocabulary that isn’t very useful.

So! If you’re like me, you might find this helpful. I tend to use the ignore script to just ignore uncommon ones that I get wrong. Feel free to use it how you wish and please give me feedback.


The first time you use this script you will be prompted to give access to This is necessary so that the script can talk to to get the “common or not” data. Please click “always allow from this domain” as long as the domain specified is


I’m installing this right away! One question that I’ve always wondered: what defines a word being common or not? Is it being in the top 5000 words or so?

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Thanks for making this. Will test it out the coming days.

I wish I knew, I’m putting my full faith in to steer me in the right direction. I do most of my vocabulary study outside of wanikani with the core 6000 vocab, so wanikani is really just supplement for me.


Various sites take it from various corpora, but it’s generally “common” based on what is usually newspaper, and possibly other literary data

I would highly suggest taking off “Uncommon” because a word not being marked “Common” does not mean it is uncommon.


Unfortunately it doesn’t play so nice…


I second this, today I saw this for example

睫毛 - eyelashes (not listed as common by Jisho)

and there is no common word for eyelashes either so…

Ah! Yeah, perhaps I didn’t account for people with addons that I don’t have. Maybe I can try to put it in the bottom right corner, though that gets tricky with how their html is laid out. I will work on it!

I moved it manually. Thanks for the great plugin!

I think you bring up a good point. Perhaps I should just go with the approach and not say anything when it isnt “common”.

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There are “Obscure” and “Archaic” indicators there, but I’m not sure anything on this site really falls into that.

I took a quick check and both 泌尿 and 泌尿器 aren’t marked as common words. Which is a good idea of what might not be marked. They’re just specific terms, but if you go to the doctor, a good thing to know.

I hear you, with this user script it doesnt make any decisions for you. If people are interested they can make their own decisions on whether they should spend time on it or not. Perhaps this script should just serve to emphasize that the common ones are more important. Also should I need to, I think I can pantomime 泌尿 to a doctor ;D

I just remembered a way to make this script work better. However, I’m not sure if this is possible.

Instead of just having the “common vs uncommon” thing, we could also have the number of google searches for that word :man_shrugging:

I thought about having this for Memrise in the first place. There are courses out there with thousands of words and having the number of searches to select words would be awesome. For example, today I learned アイデア and アイディア on the Hello カタカナ Memrise course. Knowing immediately how common each version is would be a very useful information to have.

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I dont think it would be useful. In terms of language, the most common words usually aren’t the most searched. Like, “it” is most deff one of the most common words in English, but I don’t think people google it too much.

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I think he means number of search results instead?

this one @arjoykanji

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There has been a talk about sources here Extension Suggestion: Corpora Rankings

I wonder if you can sort by Wikipedia / Twitter, etc.?

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Hello there,
The script doesn’t seem to work for me…
It is installed and activated (on Safari 13.1), I also permanently allowed the access to jisho.
When I do lessons, it seems to work for radicals (showed me twice “not common” today), with vocabs it shows “…” and with Kanji nothing at all.
Does someone have an idea how to fix this?
どうもありがとう in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

PS: I don’t know much about scripts so it might be linked to my lack of knowledge ^^

Sorry about resurrecting this thread, but I’ve taken the liberty to update this userscript with some features for myself and I want to share them with the community. Since going through the code I can help answer some of your questions first @Woki .

  1. The original script makes requests to the Jisho using HTTP which browsers will typically not allow when you mix HTTPS and HTTP traffic together, which is maybe why the script is having problems.
  2. The “…” means that the script is currently asking Jisho whether the vocab is common or not. This does take a bit of time but it is generally really quick.
  3. Furthermore, this script is configured only to fetch “IsCommon” for vocab items only due to the nature of Jisho (which is a vocabulary dictionary)

It happens that my general improvements update for this script does switch the script over to using HTTPS which might help with your problem.

Few other minor changes include

  • Move indicator to the right side
  • Hide indicator when it is not a common word
  • Add cache to reduce calls to the Jisho API

As for my script update, I’m not sure if @dtwigs is still active on this forum, but I’d like to ask if they have this script somewhere on GitHub? Then I could send a Pull Request and get this update official. I’ve read this thread a bit and there seems to be a bit of interest to take this script one step further and use different “IsCommon” sources and GitHub would help facilitate some collaboration.

Otherwise I could post the script on GitHub and GreasyFork myself. Of course with credit where credit is due.


Has the Wanikani Override userscript stopped working for anyone else?
Also, I installed a number of userscripts but I’m not sure how to use some of them. Can anyone please tell me where you can find directions for a given script?
For example, the lightning mode one. I see the button for enabling it, but I don’t see the effect of the script. Or for hot keys, where can you see the list of what the hot keys are? Or for a script that is called Level Duration 2, how exactly can I learn what it does?