[Userscript] Expected Daily Reviews

:warning: This is a third-party script/app and is not created by the WaniKani team. By using this, you understand that it can stop working at any time or be discontinued indefinitely.


This script calculates the expected number of reviews you should have in a given day with the current SRS distribution and displays it on the dashboard.

As you see, with my current SRS distribution I should expect to do 102 reviews a day.

Disclaimer: this is not intended to be an indication of the average number of reviews you do in a day, only the number of reviews you can expect to see if your SRS distribution remains the same.
Furthermore it does not account for accuracy, so the actual daily number of reviews you do may be a bit higher.


This information is useful, because if the expected number is higher than the number of reviews you are comfortable with doing, then you should perhaps not do any lessons.


Available at: Wanikani: Expected Daily Number of Reviews

You will be prompted to install the Wanikani Framework if you do not already have it. It is important that you do this and make it run ahead of any other script, otherwise the script will not work.


Thank you, Kumi! You’re the best!


Has anyone told you yet how awesome you are?

EDIT: Oh sh*t

Expected Daily: 257


Two thumbs up :+1::+1:

Expected Daily: 100 - Just right!


Expected daily 139! Thank you!!!


Is this supposed to happen?

I avarage around 200-210 reviews a day.

I think lower accuracy will make your real numbers slightly higher, because the calculations only partly (and indirectly) account for having Apprentice items come up again in the same or next day when you get them wrong.


It being lower than the Next Day count isn’t too odd, you must just have done a lot in bulk at some point. The script also does not account for accuracy, which would increase the number of daily reviews, this might be why it doesn’t reflect your 200 actual daily. Or perhaps it’s time for you to do some lessons

I only took into consideration the SRS distribution since I felt like trying to keep the apprentice count at a certain value didn’t mean much, and I wanted to make something which did the same kind of thing but looked at all the SRS levels.


I see. Don’t think it’s my accuary which is at 95% overall, but I do 15 lessons in the morning and 10 in the evening, so that’s probably where the discrepency comes from then. Unless the script takes my phase from 10 levels ago into account where I did like 100 lessons in one day a couple times…

I don’t account for wrong answers at all I do account for Apprentice 1 items coming back as Apprentice 2 though, if that’s what you mean

It’s hard to explain what I mean, but basically the calculations are based on the current srs levels, not the levels after they go up (or stay the same) after doing reviews. If you get 0% correct, all your items stay at the same SRS level, so your calculations stay the same, yet you have Apprentice 1 items to do over. If you get 100% correct, the items go up in SRS level, and your calculations go down. So, since the calculations are based on pre-review srs levels, the numbers fall somewhere between where the results would be post-review as a result of 100% vs 0% correct.

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I get expected reviews NaN. Is this because I am on Level 3 still in non premium mode?

Did you install the framework?

I would add that to the description.

EDIT: You’re talking about @rfindley’s work, right?


yep! loading before all other scripts!

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I think you mean some number other than 0% here, considering items drop in SRS level when you get them wrong? I understand what you mean, though.

I see what you’re saying. The expected daily is idealistic, it’s only an accurate representation of your average if you get 100% on your reviews, so regardless of your accuracy your actual daily should lie somewhere between the pre- and post-review figures.

I think I’ll make this a bit clearer in the OP. I didn’t intend for this to indicate your average number of reviews in a day, only what you can expect at the current SRS distribution, so that if you kept your distribution static then that’s how many reviews you can expect.

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I am and I will. Didn’t think it would be needed though, since the scripts prompts you to.

@awayand did you try refreshing afterwards? If it still doesn’t work could you check the console (ctrl + shift + J) for errors?

Cool idea!

I, however, also get “NaN”.
First nothing showed at all, but that was because I was at www.wanikani.com and not at WaniKani — Log in

I have the wanikani open framework run before all other scripts and tried both refreshing and restarting Chrome.

Not sure about this console thing (not that savvy) but it says:

Not sure if that helps.

It probably doesn’t work because I’m somehow an idiot and missed something.

Hmm. I’m not sure why that happens. That the thing appears at all means that the framework is indeed installed. Perhaps it’s due to another script sharing the function name display_info and my mistake of not putting that in an anonymous function, that would do it. Would you mind updating and trying again?

As for the errors I don’t think they’re necessarily related to this. The first one definitely isn’t, and the second one is an error I know hitechbunny’s scripts throw.

Updated to 0.1.2. but still get “NaN”.

It’s not like it’s a huge deal for me, I was just curious and wanted to watch the number sink as I pushed more and more items up the SRS, but I’ll happily help test things to the best of my ability.