Level 60 - Hello btw

Hi I have been lurking for a bit but this is my first post, so hello!

I completed level 60 a few days ago, not sure why my badge on the forums hasn’t updated yet. (hopefully this post isn’t premature)

Not one for many words but here are a few things:

Before visiting Japan in Jan 2019, I learned some hiragana and katakana ahead of the trip and it was fun being able to “read” things, of course I had no idea what I was saying. The friend I went with was using wanikani so I gave it a go when I got back and didn’t stop.

I mainly used the tsurukame app for iOS, not a big fan of the web and the app was helpful when I had minor spelling mistakes. It is also open source which is fun and since I am an iOS developer by trade I had made some very minor changes and submitted feedback.

I had attached my wkstats graphs, as you can see I took a long break before deciding to dive in and pay for level 4 onwards so subtracting that it took me 2 years and a few months. I could have gone faster but again I took some breaks between levels for my own sanity and to learn some grammar.

I plan on continuing with wanikani until my review queues die down a bit. Hopefully make it back out to Japan next year and immerse myself.

Thanks for reading

P.S. if you’re ever feeling down, check out the wanikani memes thread.


Waiting until level 60 to make your first post - you’re a legend, man


You need to log out of the forum and then log back in again


that did the trick, thanks!

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Huh, this is the second level 60 first post I’ve seen this week, clearly a trend!

All the same…

\textcolor{pink}{\huge \textsf{WELCOME! ^-^}}

Even if you’ve been a member for a while, so aren’t really new hehe
welcome gif - crabigator

Take the time to check out the FAQ and GUIDE if you haven’t already…
…but you probably have, because you seem like you’re diligent and awesome like that ^-^

There’s also a lot of good stuff on the forum to help you…
…that you’ve likewise probably already seen, but it still worth mentiioning!

The Ultimate Guide for WK
The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resource List
The New and Improved List of API and Third-Party Apps

I hope that you continue to enjoy WaniKani that your worship of the Crabigator is eternal!


Have some cake



Is going to japan a prerequisite for reaching level 60 and people forgot to tell me?

Of course. Especially better if it’s Tokyo or another highly populated area because more Japanese to read and people to talk to. It’s impossible otherwise.



hello, welcome to wanikani forums.


Congrats on making it to the end! :partying_face: Well done! :clap:


First post is level 60… you just made it to level 60 for the free cake didn’t you?!

Congrats :partying_face: :cake:

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Wow, level 60 first post… never knew it could be done!

Anyhow, CONCRABDULATIONS!!! and welcome…?


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