The Level 60 compilation - Learn from those that did it! 🍰

This thread is very simple: it kinda became a trend for Level 60s to make a thread announcing their arrival to level 60 and sharing their journey of using Wanikani and learning Japanese.

So I think it’s time to start collecting these into just one solid post! In here, you’ll be able to find several posts of people that reached level 60, full of wisdom for you to conquer your WK/JP journey! :slight_smile:

  • adeyura - Level 60 in less than a year (350 days)
  • afunian - Level 60 post - Enlightenment achieved!
  • Alan234 - Level 60 in more than 350 days :smiley:
  • bblum - How to turn off capslock? I can’t type any lowercase letters except ゃゅょ, or do the japanese really just shout all the time?
  • bomaran - Just made level 60 and failed N1 a second time
  • Bowtron - Level 60 Finally!
  • carlostdev - How NOT to get to level 60. My experience with Wanikani
  • charlesfm - Finally level 60 :smiley::v:
  • crihak - I made it to lv60! (a year and a half ago…)
  • daines - Whew, Hello Sixty!
  • EccentricFan - Level 60 has been achieved
  • Elbereth00 - I HAVE CAST THE RING INTO THE FIRE: a level 60 celebration!
  • FlamySerpent - My journey from N5 to N2 in one year (Level 60 post :tada:)
  • greasyButter - Slippin’ my way to level 60 (A greasy ride!)
  • heisamaniac - Another Reaching lvl 60 Anecdote
  • Houndstooth - Obligatory Level 60 post… 3 months late
  • icefang97 - Story of my not so interesting WaniKani journey
  • Jholan - Finally reached level 60!
  • jneapan - Level 60 in 1721 days aka doing WaniKani the slacker way
  • jprspereira - My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK :open_book: )
  • JulzShred - Hello Level 60! One of my toughest life achievements
  • Lopicake - 雨ニモマケズ風ニモマケズ (Just turned Level 60!)
  • madtapa - Level 60 in 362 straight days of reviews
  • Magistrum - Level 60, to to infinity and beyond!
  • matildar - One manly tear
  • Melter - Finally level 60!
  • MeowMashiro - Joining the level 60 club after 350 days
  • MissMisc - Konnichiwa! :sparkles: An intro (and Questions about why Leveling is so slow? also, how to Unlock more lessons?)
  • mrahhal - Level 60! (+ the rumored cake)
  • Mr_Tanaka - Level 60- I made it
  • Naphthalene - [Review] Making it to level 60 as an advanced Japanese learner
  • NotAtAll - Level 60 at long last
  • Noursaidana - From 落第(Zero) To 英雄(Hero) - The WaniKani Level 60 Journey eBook
  • nyocchi - I’m new to this… (This is my 2nd thread)
  • Pep95 - Yay! Level 60!
  • pgoonghang - Wani Kani - Tips, tricks, and traps
  • Powerpuncher - Powerpunching my way to the golden badge! (AKA my level 60 thread)
  • Protonstorm - My Journey of [redacted] Days
  • quadban - My journey of 2315 days (dedicated to all slow-goers out there)
  • RysingDragon - Road to 60, how I got here, and other stuff
  • seanblue - An overdue level 60 post
  • sirati97 - Hallo I am new welkp
  • Shadkat - I’m Level 60, and I kinda like it!
  • Sinyaven - Sinyaven reached level 60!
  • steford - What’s happened to me at Level 60?
  • SuperLuxDeluxe - Level 60! Double Cake Day!
  • TamanegiNoKame - Wanikani is too slow and the Radicals are Useless. also Why Can’t I just level up in one day instead of 7?
  • tonikir - Level 60! My experience
  • Uchihaha - うちはは を なめるな!- My Level 60 Post
  • Unscef1 - Level 60! I’m so happy
  • vargsvans - My thoughts, tips, and ramblings after reaching level 60 — long post
  • vesterpop - I reached level 60!
  • Visceral - Another Long-Winded “Reached 60, tygl” Post
  • Whologist - Reaching Level 60 in 3.1795e+7 Seconds
  • xyzbuster - There issss caaaaakkkkkeee!

Hall of Fame - Burn everything until the last turtle!

This is a Hall of Fame for those that went one step further, burned every single item on Wanikani and lived to tell us their story.

  • Blaveloper - 完了! Burned 100% of WaniKani and advise for others (plus new year wishes)
  • MissMisc - All burned! :fire::turtle::fire::durtle_hello:

Rules on adding more level 60’s threads:

  • Follow alphabetical order.
  • Link to the thread on the username.
  • Thread’s title comes after the username.
  • Make sure to remove the name of the thread from the thread’s link. By doing this, changing the original thread’s name won’t reset the number of clicks in the links of this thread. Example:

From: /my-journey-of-368-days-the-ultimate-guide-for-wk/31318

As this list starts to get filled, I’ll find some way of separating the threads by categories (speeders, slow but steady, living in JP experiences, studying JP in Uni experiences, whatever it makes sense). Feel free to do it yourself, just don’t break things :v:

Sit down and listen to your 先輩s.

Have fun.

noms the cake


am ready




The click count is like a real-time popularity contest. Of course, you’re already winning that. :joy:


Should be a good source of inspiration for people who feel like they’ll never see the end.


Wait, this was a level 60 post? I thought it was just a troll post. :joy:



Also yes.


Also, it seems to be attracting the clicks :stuck_out_tongue: (well, maybe I should wait a day or two before commenting the results, because my previous observation is already out of date)


Yup, everyone is tired of reading about my story at this point :stuck_out_tongue: They want new bloodddddddd


Great idea for a thread, @jprspereira!

You’re awesome!


Nice Idea!

Anyone know of a good way to maybe make a diagram that list in order of how long it took everyone to complete their journey? and maybe we can get together a separate list for those that completely burn all of wanikani like @MissMisc recently? :grinning:


May I live in your experiences please JP? :heart_eyes:

I genuinely thought you were referring to yourself the first time I read that… :joy:


The hall of fame after beating the Elite 4 ! I’ve added a couple of contenders. Great idea!

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I approve of this thread. Also losing the popularity contest :slight_smile:


Yeah, doing like a Hall of Fame would be cool for people that burned everything and did a thread about it :stuck_out_tongue:

You already doooo!!! \ :heart_eyes: /

I wrote it with the intention of referring to Japan, but I don’t mind the double-meaning :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for helping with the list, @MissMisc, @VictorLino, @Uchihaha, @Saruko and @FlamySerpent :heart:


I just added your thread, so you still have the opportunity to catch up;) :DD :yellow_heart:


Done :sunglasses: :ok_hand:


Doesn’t Missy still have some lessons left?


She did those, actually. But she has reviews instead (so not “all burned” yet)


Ah! I thought I had read that somewhere! Thanks for confirming

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Yeah what @Naphthalene said

When the 19 new radicals/vocab were added from the content overhaul a few months ago I only had like 6 items left in enlightened waiting to be burned, and with my sub about to run out I just didn’t bother ;3 – but now I have lifetime so I did those remaining lessons shortly after my all burned thread so the race may or may not be on w/ @jprspereira + @Naphthalene

:durtle_love: /declareswar