[UserScript] WaniKani Fast Abridged Wrong/Multiple Answer

:warning: This is a third-party script/app and is not created by the WaniKani team. By using this, you understand that it can stop working at any time or be discontinued indefinitely.

So after the frustration with the ‘more info’ button taking forever and a day to load, too often, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Now, the correct answer is shown directly belong the answer field, lickity-split.

Now with an option, per @acm2010’s request. Always show correct answer(s), even when you got it right in the first place.
Option is under the Menu area on the main page, per my ‘Scripts’ section.

WaniKani Fast Abridged Wrong Answer

10/09/17: Additional sub-option to the ‘always show’ option, to only show if there’s multiple answers. Also changed the show on correct to be blue instead of orange (kept making myself think I had gotten answers wrong when info popped up)
10/11/17: Fixed a bug which ignored the ‘always show’ setting, causing the script to act like it was set, even when it wasn’t.
11/04/17: New option, per @Kasei-Ibara’s request. Don’t show wrong answers. Useful if you just want to see when your correct answer has other possible answers.
11/15/17: @Kumirei brought to my attention, not everyone loves my choice in colors. :weary: So, its a custom setting now. I like the second bar standing out, but I get not everyone does, nor likes my color choices. You can use the name of a color, or your CSS value of choice (it just plugs it into the style tag)


I’m getting a 404 on the link

fixed 7890

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Awesome, this is really convenient. Thanks!

I think for me it may be interesting to show this even after the right answer to see the other meanings more often. I’m always confused in Kaniwani which combinations of translations fit when I learned the identical meaning.


I must say, not a bad idea. May just need to add that in, making it an optional feature of course.

This is really neat and great timing. :slight_smile: I’m in the middle of working off my reviews from 2 years ago and that delay has been really frustrating. Sometimes you just need a quick refresher and not all the details.

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I like the idea!

I like the concept a lot, I’ll give it a whirl!

It looks like the bar will always draw on the first review, with no content in it. After the first item it behaves as I’d expect, only being drawn on wrong answers.


From the code, that seems to be the intended effect.

@DaisukeJigen, thanks for making this!

Yeah, it has some more issues to iron out, but felt it was ‘close enough’ to share.
Bar shows when ‘wrong counter’ changes, and that also includes ‘changes’ to zero. Just gotta add more checks.

This is great, now I can take over the world!


There’s a debugger left in the script, maybe you should remove that for public version.

I’m terrible about that. I forget to remove debuggers far too often.

Great work, I will start using it from now! :+1:

One more small request: can you make the background color on correct answer green or something, the yellow color makes me nervous :wink:

I’m using it and I’m loving it. It’s made my reviews much more pleasant! Thanks @DaisukeJigen!

Bug report: Overriding answer removes the text


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Boy, you’re a script-aholic aren’t cha?
What are you using to override? I got the ‘WaniKani Double Check’ going, and all is good on my end.

Just the normal WK Override :eyes:
It seems it’s either been fixed in the recent update(s) or it’s inconsistent, because it works now.