[UserScript] WaniKani Vocab Single Character Grid

Per some feedback by @udonbaka I present to you " WaniKani Vocab Single Character Grid"
A quick and dirty script to make the vocab page look more like the radical/kanji pages.



Any chance this can be modified to also work on level pages? Thanks! (I know nothing about scripts so if that would be a lot of work, then no worries.)

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This was something I was actually interested in! Thanks for taking the time to make this!! :blush:
I wonder why it wasn’t made this way in the first place, though.

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Updated. Simple change.

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Wonderful. Thank you very much!

It’s been helpful. I like this! Thanks! I wanted to add this script to The New and Improved List of API and Third Party Apps but I’m not sure in which category so I didn’t add it. I wonder if we could have this script running on kanji page? Like this one in Found in Vocabulary.