Genki I study group [home thread]

Hello everyone!
Please use this thread to discuss very general questions about the Genki I workbook and textbook. You need to use the threads linked below to discuss each chapter. This thread is now mainly for asking questions about the study group or finding a place to buy Genki.

We are currently reading one chapter per week, with a catch-up week every 3 weeks.
We will start again on August 21 and read one chapter every 9 days, with a catch up week every 3 weeks.

This is a group discussion, if you would like an individual study partner instead of/in addition to this group then you can always ask in this thread:

BEFORE July 11, if you wish to participate, please purchase the Genki 1 textbook and workbook. There are many places you could get it from, but is one of the best prices I could find (especially if you order other items as well.)
then, use the thread to talk about your study ideas, what you expect to see, what you’re excited about, what you’re scared about, etc.

THEN, on July 11, we will read and then discuss on the thread for that chapter. You can go at your own pace but in general try to do one chapter per week. Use this thread to post questions, discoveries, and compare answers (genki doesn’t always have an answer keys, it was made to be used in a classroom setting.) There will be a discussion thread for each chapter, please scroll down to see the links to them.
This is our current schedule, it will be updated if anything changes:
You can click the links below to go to the corresponding thread for the chapter

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Posters, please use blur spoiler tags on all translations and workbook answers
Readers, please be honest with yourself and only look at the answers after you have written your best guess yourself.

Also, if you think it would help, many people have reccomended studying genki vocab as you go along in a wk-style format- this deck!

Also, you can use this table below to post your progress (optional!)
type your username in the user field, and put a checkbox emoji (:white_check_mark:) inside the box for the chapter once you finish reading it and successfully complete all the related worksheets. This entire post is now a wiki so anyone can edit! : D

user chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 3 chapter 4 chapter 5 chapter 6 chapter 7 chapter 8 chapter 9 chapter 10 chapter 11 chapter 12
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Thanks everyone! This section has been, and will still be, updated from time to time with more details as we go along.


Count me in


I just started learning Japanese and am buying the Genki books to start on grammar once I reach Lv. 10 in WaniKani; currently I’m in day 2 of learning and I’ve got Hiragana and Katakana down, and I just learned the Lv. 1 Kanji! Count me in!


I’m glad someone a bit braver than me made this thread! I’ve had a copy of Genki I for a while, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to tackle it all by myself – especially the group and partner exercises. If we could use this thread to tackle those, I’d be stoked.

Count me in!


Great idea. I started going through Genki I a while ago, but between the daily reviews, lessons and duolingo, it kinda fell through the cracks. Hopefully this will help me motivate to stick with it, as I feel like I’m really lacking on grammar knowledge.


I’m down. I could use the motivation.


I was going to look at starting genki when I hit level 10, think it would be ok to do it earlier?


I’d love to participate even though I’m pretty sure I won’t be at level 10 by that time.Some people are in the same boat as I am. I’m just gonna think of it as a learning curve lol.


YAY!!! thank you @Jiggly_Jellyfish for making this thread!
It’s nice to see some others are going to post in this thread too.

@opalsocks and @anon11589633 - The sooner you study grammar the better (imo)
Personally I’ve put it off for too long and its been really hard to find the motivation to start it now so if you have that motivation now, use it!


I’m going to be going on vacation the first week of July and wanted to start on grammar when I get home, so this is perfect timing for me to join in on this.

I’ve checked Amazon Japan and the total for Genki 1 workbook and textbook comes to $68 CAD (vs $90 CAD on Amazon Canada). My question is, can I just create an account, check out, and have it shipped from Amazon Japan? If so, I’m wondering if I’ll even receive them in time. Maybe I should just buy from Amazon Canada?

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I’m looking forward to it. I’m a little nervous, to be honest. I already got Genki I and II (textbooks and workbooks), but it’s… well… VERY Japanese. I’ve done a lot of coursework in Spanish, and it seemed more English than Spanish, but looking through the first chapter of Genki (with greetings, and then mock conversations), I’m a little intimidated. Fingers crossed I will be able to cope with it!


In! I am pretty far along, but need reinforcement, so am happy to join this thread!

I am also doing bunpro (omg love it) so I get the actual grammar down, but then am not sure what to do with it.


Wow, same here! We will both be starting genki right after our vacations : D

I don’t remember genki being that expensive on amazon Japan, I think it was $40 or less for me… have you tried looking at multiple seller options? I think it has to be amazon fulfilled to be a reasonable shipping price internationally. And about the account, you can for sure just make an account and order even if you don’t live in Japan, and you can use your normal credit/debit card as usual. It’s a separate (JP) account and won’t be tied to your regular amazon US/UK/etc account, if you have one

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Okay awesome, thank you! So excited!


This is awesome. I have been doing the Genki textbook but a lot of the time I have questions or need another resource to help me understand the content. This will be great to ask questions with fellow Genki learners! I don’t mind at all reviewing from the beginning because it will just reinforce my knowledge. I would love to participate in this! Thanks for starting this! :high_touch:


Hi everyone! I have had Genki 1 for a couple of years now (used it when I was taking Japanese 1 and 2 at community college), but it has been a while since I last read through it, and I need to brush up on my grammar. I remember a lot, but I also have forgotten a lot. :rofl: Count me in!

To those of you who are nervous about starting grammar… don’t worry too much! Genki has good explanations, and I’m certain that the study buddies in this thread will be able to help you sort out any confusion you have. As @AmandaB said, the sooner you begin grammar, the better.

I promise it isn’t painful! And, once you know grammar, you’ll be able to say so much more in Japanese! :slight_smile:



Hey guys! I have been looking to start focusing on grammar right around that time, so this is a perfect opportunity for me :blush:
Looking forward to sharing our progress.


Count me in? I’ve been doing Genki 1 on my own and upon reaching level 6 I’m kinda struggling in keeping up without practice partner(s). Would be good to discuss the exercises/workbooks too.


I’d love to participate! Thank you for creating this thread!


ohhhh I def should join this! I have the book and haven’t opened it. This would probably help my living in Japan be easier too T-T