Looking for a Genki study partner

I’m thinking about starting a thread for everyone who wants to start Genki after the JLPT (so around July 11, as @Jiggly_Jellyfish suggested) if other people are interested? Or is a discord chat better? Or both? What do you guys think (@Jiggly_Jellyfish, @Lympy, @AmandaB, @Noire12 , @Lasores13, @ObiWan-Shinobi)?


Well, I think a discord chat would be better. I think it’s better not to spam wanikani with genki questions.

If it’s a thread specifically for a genki study group I don’t see a problem with that. There are book clubs and threads for specific books that people read together and use the thread not just to dicuss contents but ask questions on grammar, vocab etc. So going though genki together and opening a thread for it doesn’t seem to be much of a difference.

A thread on wanikani can motivate others to join or catch up later and if we ask questions other people here on the forums might help as well, especially if they are further ahead with the genki studies or have already completed genki. A discord chat would maybe be more practical for chatting and sharing answers than a thread here on wanikani but it is private and exclusive to the people using the chat.

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Well, anytime between 12:00- 04:00 PM weekdays, if you can. Outsides this hours some days I am at home and I want to spend my time with my family.

@Noire12 that sounds perfect! Could you please reply with your discord username+tag and I will friend you on there?

My timezone is UCT+2. During weekdays I would usually be able to chat around 4pm to 8pm (that should be 8am to 2pm your time), on weekends later is okay. So… maybe sadly our times don’t really match…? :frowning:

@frayderike actually, it sounds fine to me! Let’s friend each other on discord, please reply with your username

I am the same Timezone. I am able to chat around 7pm - 10pm on weekdays.
Weekend can vary depends on my scheduled.
If its ok for you i join your plan.

@Lasores13 are these times for UCT +2 or for my time zone? if it’s the first then our schedules should definitely match, so you can post your discord so I can friend you

I just know I’m going to be a crap study buddy because I don’t have regular schedule of when I do things. I’m in Japan so timezone is JST.
Definitely happy to post questions and chat about stuff in Genki but I’m sorry I just can’t tell you when I’ll be on here to do so :cry:

@AmandaB aww, it’s okay. You can definitely join thread that I am going to make and post any questions there!

I’m thinking about starting a thread for everyone who wants to start Genki after the JLPT (so around July 11

@frayderike oh I was going to make the thread myself if you don’t mind haha, but you can definitely join it! and @Noire12 I think a forum thread is a better idea for genki, that way anyone can search the forums and find answers to their questions in the thread! and sadly small discord’s can die easily so I think in this case I will only be using it for my one on one study partners.

And please feel free to keep using this thread to up with a study partner!

Thanks everyone for responding, for anyone who doesn’t want/can’t commit to a one on one study partner please post any questions in the thread linked below! We will be starting officially July 11, but you can use it now to discuss how you will study, where to buy genki, things to be ready for, etc!

join the group thread here

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I am 100% on board with a Genki group in mid-July. Problem is… I have no idea how to use Discord. Is it easy to “get”? I’m not planning on starting Genki for another few weeks, so I definitely want to be in on this though!

You don’t need discord to be a part of the genki study group, just go to the link here:

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My username is the same on discord :slight_smile: (same avatar as well)

So do you want to set up a discord chat as well? Or just 1:1 chats with everyone?

Oh sorry if I didn’t clarify, the discord is just so I can chat one on one with you! I didn’t make a group discord, I made a group thread. Can you post the tag that goes with your username…? just the username won’t work

Thanks for clarifying! The tag is #0115… I guess? Sorry, haven’t used discord that much yet

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You’re welcome, and that’s okay! I am sending the friend request now : D

Level 5 on ワニカニ here. I’m just starting Genki as well, just joined the Discord. Looking forward to studying with you guys!

Ohh I’m glad you found that but I wanted to also add that I recently made a thread for everyone studying Genki I, that’s the ‘official’ partner thread of this one lol, if that makes sense.

yes they are


My discord username is Noire12 and id is #8728

@Lasores13 @Noire12 I am sending a friend request now! : )

I would love a study partner too. I’m on west coast time. I can usually study early in the morning ~5-6am, or in the evening, ~5pm-9pm. My dischord tag is Azende #1781

Looking for a study partner. My time zone is eastern European (GMT+2 or GMT+3 when accounting for summer’s savings), and I’m mostly available at the evenings (7pm-9pm GMT+3)

I’ll be starting picking Genki back up around that time, so I’m in. I was at level 8 already, but I’ll be backtracking a lot since that was some time ago. If anyone needs help/a buddy/etc. I live in the GMT +1 zone. I’ll be on holiday from the 27th of July until the 9th of August, so don’t expect much in those two weeks. Hit me up if you’re interested.

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Do you have a discord account and want to study together? Hit me up, my discord name is cN3rd#5987.

HI anyone on a UK timezone and would like to be my genki study partner?