Looking for a Genki study partner

Hy, Im interested , I can come at any time based on study groups coz i work form home nd i don’t mind doing lessons multiple times so i get better at japanese ! hit me up @ Discord id : Kira(Anish)#1524

Sounds good to me :grin: shall we swap skypes or something?

Hi there 皆さん

I’ve been slacking with my Jap studies the past year and I want to get going again (slowly).
My status where I left off is Genki Chapter 11, on Wanikani I’m at LVL40 (but also slacking right now). I would also be happy to revise the last chapters with you.

I prefer someone who can sacrifice 30-60 min time on a regular basis (like every Saturday evening or whatever, but weekly at the same time would be nice). I’d prefer to use Discord.

I would like to compare / discuss grammer/exercises and do the speaking exercises together. Maybe also read some writing exercises together.

Time Zone is CET/MEZ (UTC+1), I’m available in the evenings and all day on weekends, located in Germany.

Hi Pashmina,

i work shifts so could do alternating every other tuesday and every iother wednesday evenings for an hour. Ive never used Discord before however im sure i could get my head round it, is it just a matter of setting up a chat on the discord server?

im a little bit further behind than you, but been consistently studying the past 6 months, i did get up to genki 1 chapter 7 but would like to restart that to consoludate the knowledge, and obviously now on WK lvl 10.

look forward to beginning studying. :slight_smile:

Maybe it would be a good idea to get together with the other two and make a group Discord channel?
The advantage of Discord is that you also have voice channels and it’s not as resource-intensive as Skype (which became horrible since Microsoft took over).
I created a channel here.

All sounds great to me, thank you for setting it up. ive joined the server, just give me a heads up when we’ll be getting together.

@Pashmina @Joesan13 I’ll join once I get back home (assuming I remember to by then). I think having a small group is most likely better than having just 1 partner, that way we can help eachother when one person can’t be there.
@cnf3rd will you join as well? That way you’ll have someone else to work with the two weeks I’ll be on vacation.

@Bjoernie @Pashmina @Joesan13 May I also join you guys’ discord server? I’ll be starting Genki I tomorrow with the study group, hopefully keeping up with the one chapter per week pace. My time zone is GMT+1 and I’ll be available most evenings on weekdays (and occasionally on the weekends too).

Can I join too? :smiley:


Could I possibly join too? My time zone is GMT+3 at the moment.
(And btw, I have been on level 19 or so on WK, I just reset last week to level 1.)

For me it’s more than fine. Sounds like a nice little group we have gathered here in central europe (I guess this is where most of you come from right?)

In my case, yes, I’m from Italy! :slightly_smiling_face:

yeah sounds like a great group, look forward to learning with you guys, much love from London

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Is it to late to get an invite to this group? My timezone is GMT+0.

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I tried a couple of times but I don’t seem to be able to join @Pashmina’s server. It disappears from my list after a little while. Is anybody else having the same issue?

FYI, even if you’ve been booted out, you can rejoin the server via the same invite link posted in the quoted message.

This isn’t a group, this is a thread to ask for a study partner. So you don’t need an invite : ) and if you wanted a group situation instead, you can go here: Genki I study group, starting July 11!
you don’t need an invite for this one either, just hop on in : D

Hello everyone! I am new to the forums, but I recently hit level 8 and am ready to up my game and finally learn some grammar. I am a little behind as I just discovered this thread, but it would be great to find someone around my level to talk with to keep each other on track and to practice / compare answers with on a day to day basis through discord. My ultimate goal is to one day be able to understand anime and japanese video games so hopefully we’ll be able to talk about stuff like that too. My timezone is GMT-4 so if anyone has a similar timezone or has a discord that already exists, please let me know!!! Thanks @Jiggly_Jellyfish for making this thread!

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Hi there!

Are you still looking for a study partner? I did Genki I about 10 years ago now so I’m doing mostly review and just discovered this group.

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