Looking for a Genki study partner

My username is the same on discord :slight_smile: (same avatar as well)

So do you want to set up a discord chat as well? Or just 1:1 chats with everyone?

Oh sorry if I didn’t clarify, the discord is just so I can chat one on one with you! I didn’t make a group discord, I made a group thread. Can you post the tag that goes with your username…? just the username won’t work

Thanks for clarifying! The tag is #0115… I guess? Sorry, haven’t used discord that much yet

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You’re welcome, and that’s okay! I am sending the friend request now : D

Level 5 on ワニカニ here. I’m just starting Genki as well, just joined the Discord. Looking forward to studying with you guys!

Ohh I’m glad you found that but I wanted to also add that I recently made a thread for everyone studying Genki I, that’s the ‘official’ partner thread of this one lol, if that makes sense.

yes they are


My discord username is Noire12 and id is #8728

@Lasores13 @Noire12 I am sending a friend request now! : )

I would love a study partner too. I’m on west coast time. I can usually study early in the morning ~5-6am, or in the evening, ~5pm-9pm. My dischord tag is Azende #1781

Looking for a study partner. My time zone is eastern European (GMT+2 or GMT+3 when accounting for summer’s savings), and I’m mostly available at the evenings (7pm-9pm GMT+3)

I’ll be starting picking Genki back up around that time, so I’m in. I was at level 8 already, but I’ll be backtracking a lot since that was some time ago. If anyone needs help/a buddy/etc. I live in the GMT +1 zone. I’ll be on holiday from the 27th of July until the 9th of August, so don’t expect much in those two weeks. Hit me up if you’re interested.

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Do you have a discord account and want to study together? Hit me up, my discord name is cN3rd#5987.

HI anyone on a UK timezone and would like to be my genki study partner?

Sorry for the late reply, but I’ve added you @cnf3rd.

@Joesan13 GMT +1 here, close enough I’d say. Depending on your preferred time, cnf3rd is an option as well.

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Hy, Im interested , I can come at any time based on study groups coz i work form home nd i don’t mind doing lessons multiple times so i get better at japanese ! hit me up @ Discord id : Kira(Anish)#1524

Sounds good to me :grin: shall we swap skypes or something?

Hi there 皆さん

I’ve been slacking with my Jap studies the past year and I want to get going again (slowly).
My status where I left off is Genki Chapter 11, on Wanikani I’m at LVL40 (but also slacking right now). I would also be happy to revise the last chapters with you.

I prefer someone who can sacrifice 30-60 min time on a regular basis (like every Saturday evening or whatever, but weekly at the same time would be nice). I’d prefer to use Discord.

I would like to compare / discuss grammer/exercises and do the speaking exercises together. Maybe also read some writing exercises together.

Time Zone is CET/MEZ (UTC+1), I’m available in the evenings and all day on weekends, located in Germany.

Hi Pashmina,

i work shifts so could do alternating every other tuesday and every iother wednesday evenings for an hour. Ive never used Discord before however im sure i could get my head round it, is it just a matter of setting up a chat on the discord server?

im a little bit further behind than you, but been consistently studying the past 6 months, i did get up to genki 1 chapter 7 but would like to restart that to consoludate the knowledge, and obviously now on WK lvl 10.

look forward to beginning studying. :slight_smile:

Maybe it would be a good idea to get together with the other two and make a group Discord channel?
The advantage of Discord is that you also have voice channels and it’s not as resource-intensive as Skype (which became horrible since Microsoft took over).
I created a channel here.