Genki I study group [home thread]

A bit shy about buying Genki because of the price + how fun Bunpro is (at least in its earlier stages). Anyone care to tip me over to the Genki side?

Well, if you decided to do a thread I will join it too. Happy studies!:grin:


would you reccomend being at a certain WK Level first?

No, you don’t need any WK to get a lot out of Genki.

It might help you adjust to the presence of Kanji when they start appearing in Chapter 3, but I got a real good understanding of the grammar rules Genki was teaching without knowing any Kanji beforehand.

Everybody has their own ideas of what’s ideal or recommended, my inclination is to just go for it whenever you feel motivated to start.


I’m in too. I stumbled across the answer key, so that could come in handy.

I’ve looked through it before and I found it all very overwhelming, but that was a long time ago. But I’ve avoided Genki ever since :grinning:


I bought Genki and a small stack of other Japanese books from
Here’s a link to the Genki page:

$32.31 USD

The gray colored answer key book is included as well as a CD.

The workbook is $14.77 USD

Here’s the link to that page:

I think you get a discount too for being a first time customer. I can’t remember how much the shipping was but it wasn’t too expensive, I was pleasantly surprised.

Also, I emailed them once and they were very nice and helpful.


I haven’t used Genki myself, but BunPro has a Genki Study Path. So it could definitely be combined in a way that pivots BunPro lessons and reviews to reinforce what you’re learning from the book. ^^


I’m down. Maybe a discord server would be good for this?

I’ve had my genki books for a while but I still haven’t got round to starting them. Ive recently started wanikani and I already feel like im making alot of progress. I’ll wait until july 11th to start genki! I’ll just keep on with wanikani until then :slightly_smiling_face:


I will definitely be trying to join in on this. I’m in a similar boat of having genki but wanting to wait till I reach level 10. Hopefully some added motivation will help me along haha.

Thanks for organizing this!


Definitely seconding a discord server.

I 'm joining too. Genki was a little too dry for me to tackle alone. Maybe this group will give me the push I need.


Definitely count me in!



count me in! i’ve been studying japanese for the last 3 years with a different textbook that wasn’t the best but i just got my genki books so excited to switch over :slight_smile:


WOW so many people are joining, welcome everyone!!!

@whomper @lubby I think we should keep it to a forum thread, that way everyone already has an account, and the forums can be searched by anyone. If you want a one on one study partner that you can chat with on discord, then check out this thread:


Count me in, too!

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I’m in! Thanks for organizing this. I’m excited to get started!

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Isn’t 1 chapter a week a bit fast? There’s a fair amount of vocab in each chapter to learn, as well as fully understanding all of the grammar points.


Well, I think it will be fine as long as everyone is putting in the time every day. And, if it becomes obvious that it’s too fast then I could always change the schedule, but I think we should at least try 1 chapter a week. And if you or anyone else is a bit behind, then that’s okay, you can always catch up at some point.


Maybe 10 days? I know I’m constantly at work so knowing I shouldn’t feel pressure would be a plus. Also, I always think it’s better that the pace be a bit slow for people than if it’s too fast.

Or, maybe give two weeks for the first chapter and poll everyone’s times for the average, and then move on accordingly? Seems optimal.


Me too! Or Watashi, or ore, or whatever.