[Request] Reorder by SRS Level

I’ve wanted this for a long time, but recently I have ended up in a hole (I overestimated my ability to do Wanikani during the School year and now have 1500 review which doesn’t seem to be going away) so I figure this is the time to ask.

I want to get rid of all my enlightened and master items before working on new items. Is there a way that a reorder app could be tweaked so that we can choose the SRS level we want to work with?


Looks like this could be directed at @xMunch

Don’t know if they are still adding/maintaining the script.

Seems like an interesting idea.

You can kind of use the ultimate-reorder script in level order to mimic this behavior, since earlier level stuff is likely to have a higher SRS level, as you’ve been working on it for longer. It’s not perfect but yeah.

It’s actually quite good in that the number of items per level is usually quite manageable, you can kind of take level sized chunks out of your review queue at a time, and it’s easy to set managable goals?

That said, I think it’d be relatively straightforward to modify an existing re-order script to do this properly though, since it’s possible to get the SRS level per item and just use the current re-ordering methodology with that instead of item level/type.

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Yeah, My issue is that I have a ton that I know well but because they’re buried in the ones that I get wrong over and over again I never see them again after I get my levels farther along. There are a few earlier levels that I get stuck on when I try to use the reorder script to do this.

I just want things that I know through whatever way, be it my sappy gay romance novels, or Wanikani itself, to get out of my life so I don’t have to stare down a huge number or have it endlessly refilling before I can empty it.

I was so certain that there is a script for that somewhere on the forums, but I can neither remember the name, nor find the link. I remember that you could change one line of the code to sort by Apprentice > Enlightened or Enlightened > Apprentice…
Maybe I’m hallucinating things…but I’m really certain I used the script before for the same reason you want it.
I am so confused right now… ?

Edit: Hah! I’ve found it! I am not crazy after all phew. So it’s not a separate script but an extension to an existing one. If I remember correctly, it worked really well. Review order by SRS level (Extension to alucardeck’s review order)

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Thank you so much… Now I’m wishing I knew how to edit scripts haha

You are welcome! Haha…yeah…I had the same problem. If you are using Firefox, then go to “organise add-ons”, and click on “settings” next to the script you want to edit. Then a window should pop up and at the bottom of it it should say “edit this user script”, or something along the lines (my browser isn’t set to English so I hope the translation is close enough haha).
Then you should be able to enter the additional code lines to wherever it says in the instruction.
If you are using a different browser then…I guess it’s similar? I’m really not too proficient in dealing with scripts either haha.

I figured out a thing and followed the instructions but I’m entirely unsure if I did it right… It doesn’t seem to be doing anything…

Hm…strange. it worked like a charm for me when I clicked on reorder during the review. Maybe another script is cancelling it out? Sorry, I don’t think I can help much more. : (

What browser are you using?

I also have another reorder script but this does nothing even when the other one is deactivated

Here you go, I edited the original script based on his code, it’s what i use:


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The core functions for this is already in v3 of my script. I’m just too lazy to touch it :\

I’ve just posted my own script for reordering by SRS level, so check it out if you want: WaniKani SRS Reorder Button

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ouch, too bad I didn’t see this when first posted.

I’ve already had a script for this for a long time!

It’s basically the code linked by Qiwi, but with an easy UI added to it.

Lets you reorder on SRS level (ascending or descending) and in this item order: Radical → Kanji → Vocab. No skipping SRS levels or other fancy business though.

It is possible to make it show


Rather than


It is hard to do?

It’s possible, but you’ll have to wait a few days (possibly more) for it, because I’m rather busy right now. But I’ll put a reminder in my notes and any further suggestions or questions can be asked on the dedicated thread: [Userscript] WaniKani Review Asc/Desc SRS Order

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