What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

Is it reasonable to request for Chrome extensions that pair with WK here? I’ve seen WK Rikaichan (which I’ve never used because its FF) and the Wanikanify which I just installed and is pretty neat.

Ideally, I’d like to highlight/flip switch any random webpage (much like Rikaikun but a large quantity of words) and have it recognize which kanji I’ve encountered thus far through WK (like Wanikanify). Perhaps a percentage of known material, break down by SRS item distribution or even change each kanji to a respective WK guru’d level color.

Kanji only would probably be more reasonable given the amount of missing vocab in the WK library.

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That’d be great! Doesn’t need to have everything under the sun but I do think having some way to check during sessions (the easier the better since I’ve got time limit scripts) and being able to hide the amount done and/or the amount left separate would go a long way. Of course just do what you can though, don’t have to worry much about getting it perfect or anything. Good luck!

One extension idea that I thought would be nice for vocab acquisition and recall is scalable example sentences during reviews.

There is already an extension for context sentences during reviews:

And there is another extension that provides additional example sentences during Lessons and during Reviews, but which can only be seen after an answer has been provided: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/34540-wanikani-example-sentences

*Sorry for the dim lighting on some of the images. I use a shade feature on my computer to prevent eye strain.

My request would be an extension that displays example sentences during reviews like the first image illustrates, but has a way of sourcing through context sentences like those in the third, which is only showing sentences with known vocab. If there were several example sentences with vocab known by the user, then perhaps a feature could be created to randomly generate and display one sentence from the known vocab sentences.

Thanks I have posted my request there, it seems a bit dead there though.

Is there a reorder script that can put apprentice items first during reviews?

I usually have my main study session in the evening, but I’d like to do a short session in the morning for time-sensitive apprentice items. A delay of 12 hours plays a way bigger role on 4-, 8- or even 24- hour items than on 7+ days of Guru+ items. And I can be buried under the latter ones in the morning session while trying to find my apprentice items.

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I believe this is the one


Went poking around on that wiki masterpost but could not find anything quite like I was looking for.

Is there a script that will tell me, while waiting for reviews to unlock, what SRS level (and ideally apprentice/guru sublevel) the items on the review will be?

Preferably without telling me exactly what the items to be reviewed will be. I’d like to know if I’m going to just be practicing new-ish things or advancing old items to higher levels (but without giving me specific information).

You can set the timeline script to indicate SRS level with different colors


Oh! There are settings that hide the list of specific items. That’s what I was looking for, thanks!

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I’m having trouble installing extensions with an old edition of Internet Explorer. Is there something like Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey that works?

I think most people have stopped supporting IE.
Even if you find a script manager than works, most of the userscripts won’t.

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yeeeeeahhh, that’s what’s been happening. I assumed it was related to my lack of technological know-how. I tried downloading Firefox but it didn’t seem to work. Do you have any recommendations to get scripts running on an older-model laptop?

Firefox itself didn’t work, or scripts on Firefox?

If firefox doesn’t work, I’d try Chrome next. (Actually, I prefer Chrome. It’s much faster for running scripts, and Javascript in general). There are lots of browsers, almost all better than IE.


I couldn’t get Firefox to work, and then back on IE, I couldn’t get the scripts to run. It’s a VERY old computer. Not my personal one, so I’m hesitant to install other browsers in case it comes back to bite me. There doesn’t really seem to be a workaround, does there?

Unfortunately not.

Ahh, thanks anyway!

This is a good idea. I want this man (woman/whatever) to get a 100% increase in funds from the wanikani forums.

The further I get in wanikani the more annoying it becomes that I can’t set things I already know by heart to just answer themselves automatically without me having to see and waste time on them. I’m sure this is a problem for many people who are coming to wanikani who have studied a lot of kanji previously.

I like the system, I just want to use it to learn harder kanji not have it ask me if I’m sure I know what 日 is. It’s incredibly frustrating to have 200 reviews in queue but only 50 of those are things I actually need to review and the other 150 are just things I can’t tell it to ignore because I know them.

I’ve heard the “if you know it just take the extra few seconds to write the answer” argument, and if it was one kanji/vocab that would be valid but since it’s probably at least 400 total at this point (and probably more on the way) that I want it to ignore that’s a fair chunk of time I’m wasting.

What I would like is a way to put certain vocab and kanji on a list, preferably with a button but manual input would be fine too, and have the system just auto mark it right and move on so I don’t need to waste time inputting it.

I would try to cobble something together myself if I knew anything about programming, but if greater minds could make something that could do this I’d be appreciative.


I don’t know if it has been suggested in this topic before (though I’ve seen an oooooold topic somewhere in the forums) - it would be great if there was a script which would allow us to have a JP google/bing/whatever image search plug-in on the lesson/review page.
Thanks to this script, every time we learn some words or review them, we can instantly see the meaning and make it stick better in our brains. :thinking:

Apart from it being an improvement for non-native English speakers, it would be beneficial for all of us Wanikani users which would like to be fluent at some point, as it’s proven to be more efficient for our brain to link words with images. Especially in the case where words are similar in translation, but have different nuances in their usage.

It’s something like what Fluent Forever do in their beta app - they have an image search feature for all their flashcards (and you can even save up to 4 images which you would like to have on your flashcards). Pretty good idea if you ask me.

I’m not asking for a script which allows us to select images from google search (as I’m afraid that is impossible or very hard to implement in WK case - not sure, I have no experience in this field), but only the one allowing us to have it shown on the lesson/review page. :slightly_smiling_face:

For anyone reading, have a wonderful day! :hugs:

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Could be nice, I’m not an English native and even if I live in Australia and speak English 24/7 I already learned some new English words here… Like “calf”, I had to lookup in the dictionary what it meant and it was fun to try remembering the japanese word AND English word at the same time (funny thing calf was way harder to remember than 子牛 :slight_smile: )