[Question] Wanikani reorder script and 1x1 mode efficiency

Rfindley is not the original creator, he’s just maintaining it, I believe.

Nevertheless, with extra personalization, it comes both good and bad things o:

I’m very much considering to stop recommending this reorder script and suggest these two instead:

The latter doesn’t have a 1x1 mode. Worst case scenario, if you order them by SRS intervals and you have less than 10 items on that SRS level to review, the pool to cycle between will be lower than what WK originally has. But that’s not an everytime thing. I also think that reordering by SRS levels is less harmful than reordering by WK levels. The latter might clue you on what the items are. Imagine you’re mixing 2 kanji, but you know one is from a higher level and the other is from a lower level… if the system is ordered by WK level, then you know which kanji it is without actually knowing the correct one.