Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022

It is a conspiracy by Discourse to stop me from flaunting 42 on my badge :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty much this :slight_smile:
I have been stuck in review cycle. So i stopped doing kanji lessons. And doing vocabulary lessons whenever i can.


I have reached the first observation deck!!

Got 158 lessons to clear out but my apprentice count is low at the moment :grin:


So I let them to stack together and now they’re in a single batch:

Let’s see what would happen in an hour!

p.s. ah, and lvl badges are finally back!


Aaaaand here we go, 1 hour later outcome is as following:

Phew, so it’s 82 burns out of 107 enlightens? Frankly said for me it’s quite impressive! Didn’t expect them stick to me so good. Mostly my regular performance for non-enlightened items is around 70-80%, rarely hit 90% mark. And here I have 76% for the items I didn’t see for 4 month in a row. Feels good!


[Userscript] Reorder Buttons

WaniKani SRS Reorder Button

… and thus my confusion! (the first one also orders by SRS)


Thank you!

I’ve been around. Just slowly pushing through these levels.


Got a notif for this – just in case the difference was missed, the former is my fork of the older user script by Towe.
It’s been updated to include both descending and ascending sorting and I watch for bug reports and feature requests on both these forums and project home.
Ordering my reviews is the only way I’ve made constant progress during busier periods in my life without having to commit to long review crunches at a time. I’m not recommending it, but I can say it helps in my case.


ahh, good to know ^^ i might switch out scripts then ^^


I’m down to 250 burn reviews…


So, it appears that I made it to the first observation deck. Everything is still going quite nicely, but I haven’t had time to open Genki I in a long time, still stuck around lesson 7 or so… I’ll probably have to start over and use an SRS for grammar (does Bunpro have a Genki 3rd edition path now?).


After over a month, I finally make it to level 22. Work has been a real killer, as always, but at least I’m keeping the lessons managable going into this one. If I can do it in two weeks, I’ll be thrilled.

Grammar study, though, oh boy. That needs even more work.


I’ve been really into Genshin Impact recently but for a handful of reasons I can’t actually play it so I’ve been watching the cutscenes for quests instead and I came across a video where the text was in English but the audio was Japanese. I was very pleased to be able to pick up on a good handful of words! It always feels good to know you’re on the right track ^^


I love this thread. I’ve gotten to nice replies in a row. LMAO

104 burn reviews. And 75 enlighten reviews. The end is in sight. I give up until tomorrow.


I’m now over 75% burned!


Level 45! :partying_face:
Realised last night that not only had I not updated for 5 levels, I’ve also reached the second observation deck! And according to my heatmap, I’ve done at least one review session every day for a year now too.

The end is in sight! (And yet still so far…)


i’ve still got more or less the same number of reviews pending, but nonetheless i’ve been making steady progress. today i managed to get through all the pending apprentice reviews for the first time, and quite a bit of the guru 1 reviews ^^

i do think sorting reviews by srs level was the right choice. this way the srs intervals can bite again, and i’m actually remembering items from session to session. it’s also quite motivating to see an item i’ve struggles with move up the srs levels again, instead of dropping down the levels because the intervals are just too long ^^

the reason the number of reviews is staying high is that i was moving so fast before my breakdown. that means that something like 25 new items get added to the pile every day. but at this point these are all almost exclusively enlightened items ready to be burned, and i’m not going to worry about those for now :smiley:

so it’s going slow, but steady. and after a period of self-doubt i again feel relatively confident about my progress ^^


Tomorrow is my Wanikani-versary and I’m pretty proud of my progress so far. I’m almost finished with level 41.


You only started a month before me and you’re level 40, I can’t help but feel a little mad at myself :sweat_smile: Good job for being so dedicated!


Don’t, because you’re clearly still progressing!

I just realised you started exactly one day after @quimda haha