[Userscript] Review Queue SRS Breakdown

Review Queue SRS Breakdown

This script was inspired long ago by SRS Reorder Button which has a similar display for its items. I have been using this display myself for a while, but thought I should share in case anyone is interested.

What does it do?

It adds a breakdown in the top right of your reviews indicating how many items of each SRS stage there are in your queue. It gives you a quick overview of what your queue looks like in terms of SRS stages.

Legend: [Apprentice 1, 2, 3, 4][Guru 1, 2][Master][Enlightened]


Available at

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Ooh looks cool! Thanks for making!

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Great script! I often wondered during reviews how many items were left to be guru’d or burned; this sounds like the perfect answer to that question. :+1:

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