Burning out

Why do you want to keep lvling up though? I really think you should have a break and take care of those apprentice items first. People know me here as being used to a high intensity in the SRS game (WK in 368 days, 700+ reviews/day on all SRS systems), but me dealing with 350 apprentice items would be quite tough.

Install this script:

It’s a script that will reorder your reviews from lowest SRS level items to highest SRS level items. This way, you get be consistently focused on those items that keep coming back more frequently. This will allow you to start seeing some openings to continue leveling up. Right now, you’re in a forest full of branches and stems stopping you from moving forward. In order to keep walking, you need to get your 刀 and start slicing off what’s in front of you first.

This is purely my 2円 though :slight_smile:

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