Burning out

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I think, I will set as goal, 50 voc everyday with good focus and mnemonics. Instead of throwing 500 through my throat and don’t remember half of it.
Which is not a big deal because like I said I have enough time.

As to kanji and radicals, most of the time I have them good, which is most important to keep lvling.

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Why do you want to keep lvling up though? I really think you should have a break and take care of those apprentice items first. People know me here as being used to a high intensity in the SRS game (WK in 368 days, 700+ reviews/day on all SRS systems), but me dealing with 350 apprentice items would be quite tough.

Install this script:

It’s a script that will reorder your reviews from lowest SRS level items to highest SRS level items. This way, you get be consistently focused on those items that keep coming back more frequently. This will allow you to start seeing some openings to continue leveling up. Right now, you’re in a forest full of branches and stems stopping you from moving forward. In order to keep walking, you need to get your 刀 and start slicing off what’s in front of you first.

This is purely my 2円 though :slight_smile:

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Lol 50!?? That already feels like a crazy amount to me lol… The most I’ve been able to do consistently was 20 a day (5 wanikani and 15 from the various books I was reading…). Good luck with your goal, though I would at least guru those apprentice items before I learned more if I were you… :blush:

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Lol I did 500 a day.

Lol yeah I figured… 20 a day is the most I can actually retain, and even then, on off days I find myself completely blanking out on new items… No wonder you’re burning out… You’ve fried your brain! :blush:

The power of consistency:

20 words/day x 365 days = 7300 words. That’s around N2 level.



the magic happens when you stop new stuff altogether and keep doing your reviews diligently. eventually, your apprentice count will be zero, and then the gurus start to melt. that would happen over the span of 6 weeks, so no big deal for your progress long-term.

what you gain is a reset of your schedule. no old, sticky items left that haunt you every day. no wave after wave of reviews, leaving you no room to breathe.

you’re gonna be bored after a while, and then the hunger will come back, but if you keep it up and zero out the apprentices, it’s smooth sailing for approx 20 levels at max speed.

if you do a little consolidation break every 10 levels, you’ll be faster overall, while being relaxed. that’s easier than slogging through the pile at snail pace, always carrying a heavy bag of leeches with you.


Thank you for that. I am now in my fourth week on level 14 and have 101 lessons not done yet. Just got my reviews to under 400, but enough is enough… I need to give myself permission to breathe a little before I slog on again…


I’ve had a couple of these phases too. Usually always after having a few 7 and 8 day levels, just as you did. It just gets overwhelming and I slow down for a while and enjoy other aspects of studying Japanese. But at some point, suddenly my motivation for WaniKani is back and my brain feels ready again for new lessons.

As long we keeping coming back and don’t lose all our progress in the meantime, we’ll arrive at level 60 eventually!


For reference, whats a good SRS distribution? I just did a few levels worth of vocab in a short period of time, and while it was doable because I already knew most of the words from class, now my SRS distributions are out of whack.

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  • The numbers tend to grow from the left to the right with time. You start with 0 guru, 0 master, 0 enlightened and 0 burned. Eventually, you get more Guru than Apprentice, then more Master then Guru and Apprentice, and so on.
  • Apprentice are maximum 150 items.

Well, since you already knew the words, the damage isn’t as severe. You’ll still suffer from the big batches of reviews (that will hunt you once they come back as Guru, as Master and as Enlightened). I’d suggest you then to stick to doing vocab lessons as you go with the level. You don’t wanna arrive to the part where you won’t know the content and have huge batches of unknown words thrown at you. Build the habit of doing the vocab lessons while it’s easy :slight_smile:


So as long as I eventually get this batch to enlightened and do vocab lessons as they come in, my SRS distribution will eventually go back to normal?

And I’ve definitely learned my lesson from these huge review sessions. The new words thrown in here and there are slowing me down a lot (ive learned what leeches are) so thats enough to force me to break that habit.



If you can, maybe try to give up on hitting 30 next year and see if the removed pressure makes learning more fun.

I’ve noticed that the more pressure I put on myself, the worse I feel when I make a mistake. Eventually, I hate doing reviews because it makes me feel like shit. If I just focus on having fun, I practice more and end up going faster than before.

Of course, that only works if you actually enjoy learning Japanese on some level and are not just doing it for extrinsic reasons.

Edit: just realized that this thread is old. How is it going?


Yup :slight_smile: A good way to spot someone who isn’t learning the content like they should (maybe due to lack of regular study or due to going too fast for example) is if the Guru items > Master items for too long. If the big numbers are moving from the left to the right, you’re doing it right :v:

Hahah yuup! What kills me more is when I’m used to doing x amount of reviews daily and suddenly due to a bad habit, I get an extra 400+ reviews on that day. It really throws me off for 2 extra days.



And “for too long” is the key part here. It’s reasonable for Guru to get bigger than Master if you took a long break from lessons (say a couple months) but kept doing reviews. When you restart lessons, Guru would likely get above Master for several weeks before balancing out again.


Short Update: I’m following Japanese lessons weekly now until summer august. My reviews has been raised to 850 now and are hanging around that. Should I reset level and start over from level 10? My focus now is not really WaniKani. I’m building my own vocubulary decks now based on the homework I get from my school.