I'm back with 1300ish reviews, help me :D

700 reviews in one day thats amazing!!!

I guess I’ll also do 120 today… dang it, why you do this to me??

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Hey there, first of all best of luck with all your reviews you can do it. Secondly, I actually don’t recommend resetting your level, initially as you go through the reviews you may be disappointed at the amount of items you get wrong, have faith. I assure you as you go re-reviewing those items, they will skyrocket back into your memory much faster than when you first learned them because they are still partially in your long term memory (even if you can’t produce them straight away after your break). I’m just saying this because I came back about a week ago after taking a break since last July with a review of over 2000, and seriously considered resetting but am glad i did not. It will take patience and motivation, but just set yourself a goal like 100 a day (make it lower or higher depending on your free time) but ensure you stick to the goal you set. Thirdly, it might be worth getting the reordering script, this way you can do your reviews systematically in ascending order starting from level 1. This way as you go through your reviews to the higher levels you will ensure that you have refreshed any relevant vocab/kanji to help you as you go.
Anyways best of luck and try to keep at it、 and before you know it your stack will be gone ! :smiley:

Yeah, you should! I think the biggest thing is that the number looks scary. The Pomodoro method is a great way to break it up, and also keep some time pressure on yourself so you don’t wrack your brain for hours on something you should probably just get wrong and review again later. Also, it’s a fantastic way to reduce procrastination. When we procrastinate, it’s usually because we’re thinking about the goal, not the process. The Pomodoro method forces you to think about the actual process, which makes it easier to move forward.

On a side note, when you procrastinate, your brain actually activates its pain sensors and looks for a way to avoid the thing that’s giving you anxiety. Once you start it, though, this pain sensation goes away. The Pomodoro method is great because it gets you past that hump and into the part where you’re actually doing cool stuff. I basically use it for everything in my life, from planning my classes to making sure I read daily.

@alexbeldan - Not every day, thankfully haha. But one of the keys of the method is to give yourself some sort of reward, and when I started doing it I definitely did go eat chocolate or ice cream after every few so that I associated the work with positive sensations. Nowadays, I usually go look out the window, brew some tea, grab a beer, etc. Something to switch my attention so that I feel re-energized when I jump back into it.

@aniustaluwis - For the record, I don’t necessarily recommend it. My head is definitely swimming by the end whenever I do it, and I usually then just go play video games or get a drink because I can’t do anything else at that point. But there’s definitely something satisfying to the delirium of spending like 4 hours on something and seeing that you’ve plowed through several weeks of intimidating build-up. Also, getting burns is highly satisfying and motivating.

I’ve been reviewing my 3,500 backlog for two months now. I’m at 570. everyday +100 popup so i have to do more to keep up. haven’t learned anything new for a while :cold_sweat:


Best of luck to you! Still, the fact that you’ve kept at it for two months is pretty damn awesome !

it’s what happens when finals come in and you had to basically sleep in college in order to finish engineering projects. yay.

thanks haha

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My first instinct was to congratulate you on getting it down to 1300… which says a bit more about my review neglect in the past couple of years.

I took a week off and got up to 600ish. Since I had spring break, I actually took the time to learn/relearn all the things for real to stop them from piling back up. Somehow went from 200 apprentice words to 60ish apprentice words. Now I’m scared of the blobs coming back and the process starting up again.

I just want the profit plz thx omg lol wowz

Rest in peace.

I hope it’s obvious, but don’t do any new lessons until you’ve cleared out all of those reviews (even if 50 more are waiting for you around the five minutes later corner).

Try to do a minimum of 50 a day (this will make digging yourself out take a long time, took me quite a while to dig out from under 950+)… Maybe in your case the minimum should be 100 a day?

You can use xMunch’s reorder script too - I suggest doing the older stuff first, as it’s likely things you’ll remember and are about to burn/enlighten anyway. And then those’ll never come back. : D
When I disappeared for my 6 months, the most recent 2-3 levels were the items I had the hardest time with.

Best of luck! You can totally do it, though! :slight_smile:

For the record, I had this a week or so ago. I sat down in the public library and did ~400 per day for a few days. Obviously, I got smashed with a bunch of reviews each day (still have ~170 per day), but managed to clear it out. It IS doable! Best of luck!

EDIT: Oops, didn’t see that this post was like two months old. Sorry everyone! Silly “suggested post” field…

Is there a way to do this in the settings? Is there any kind of automatic upper limit to how many items it’ll ask you to review in one session?

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Nope, though that would be a good idea for a userscript. You should go to the Third Party section and ask if someone’s interested in making it.

I think there may be a script that allows you to limit a session. Let me check.

Here you go. It lets you set how many in the wrap up button.

[Userscript] Wanikani Wrap-up Button Enhancement


I’m in pretty similar point right now, coming back after a loooooong break (a bit over a year), 815 lessons and 1092 reviews. And now wondering if i should do a reset or just slowly try to get through all this… I tried to look back at the previous levels and I remembered only few things from each level, even burned ones are pretty much forgotten.

Sure it does feel a bit disappointing to start almost from zero, but guess I can only blame myself.

That’s quite a pile. I guess I would try to get through it but I don’t know if it’s a good idea.
btw I love your avatar.



I have just gone from 900 reviews to 300 reviews.

My review stay at around 700 for around a month or so. I don’t even bother to clear. Just use reorder button script to clear Apprentice and Enlighten first.

I love that avatar too

Were you skipping vocab lessons?