Best way to deal with tons of reviews?

I know, I know… This question must be asked a lot. I actually went through some threads, but I didn’t find useful info on how to tackle like 1400 reviews.
What I’m doing is: doing reviews for 2 hours straight a day, but the pile is not moving anyhere.

Any recommendations??

Thank you

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Have you stopped doing lessons?

I’ve seen tons of people suggest keeping their apprentice items below 150/100 (since those come up every few hours), but then when you have your Guru/Master/Enlightened items come up, there’s really nothing you can do about those…

yep, I actually went down a few levels

I have 25 apprentice items lol

  1. Real number script… I don’t like looking at 42+, do yu?
  2. とあるreorder scripts. Only ones with good visualization.
  • I currently use WaniKani SRS Reorder Button, which is nice in that it show SRS level directly. (It even tells Appren-1, Appren-2, and so on.)
  • Wanikani Reorder Ultimate (Reorder Ultimate) is a nice alternative, since it tells what level you are reviewing.
  • Actually, I installed both. I can press Reorder button first, and then Reorder Ultimate, and it still works…
  1. Ultimate Timeline, of course…

BTW, I still have around 500-800 reviews, which never went down to Zero.

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There’s a script to reorder reviews by srs level.

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Just keep at it. I’ve backlogged thousands of reviews a few times, and you just have to keep hacking away. It won’t move much in the beginning because you’ll likely have forgotten a fair number of them, so they’ll move down levels and pop up a bunch. Eventually you’ll start remembering and stuff will start moving up and clearing out again. At least, that’s always how it was for me. Good luck!

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I do a bit every day, though I don’t set limits or quotas. What is important is that you keep it up, if two hours starts to feel heavy then do just one hour. Doing less every day is better than doing a lot a few days and burning out


Just at the end end of a backlog of 2000+ reviews myself :relieved: Definitely use the reorder scripts! If it’s just random reviews you end up with too many that you don’t remember and have to relearn so much that the next review sessions are just as bad. I used the reorder script alternatively by lowest levels (to get some burned easy stuff out of the way) and then highest levels (to properly remember or relearn the more recent levels). And if some things really just don’t stick try to approach them outside of the reviews - look them up and see if there are similar kanji you confuse them with, write them down a few times, make up sentences, etc. Good luck!

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When I had 1200+ reviews after a long break it was overwhelming to try and get through them all. It was also very discouraging to get so many wrong which only made me want to do them less.

My answer was to just do 100-200 a day (more if I felt like it) and I sorted them by level doing the oldest first. It took a while but this isn’t a race - slow down if you are feeling overwhelmed. Take a step back and think about what is realistically possible and what isn’t going to discourage you - after all most people are here because they want to learn…so don’t make it a chore.

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I constantly link this because I think it was a great example of how to handle large review batches.

Defeating ~1300 reviews and 600+ lessons

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