Finally reached 42+ or it's CAKE TIME!

WoW First of all, I never thought that this day will come! But just a few days ago, I made it to Level 60 and will now tell something about my journey and where I’m going to go now :wink: if some of you old ones have some pointers for me, please enlighten me more.

There will be glorious cake at the end!

Because this is mandatory I guess here are my

Status + Accuracy + Level Up:

I started roughly 3 Years ago, to be precise on the 15th of November 2017 (15.11.2017) and the 20.12.2020 will mark the end of my time on Wanikani!


And for the very perceptive ones :wink: yeah I spend the longest time on Level 42! One Reason for that… wasn’t that the goal all along! Reaching Level 42+ and the other thing… live got in the way, I graduated and lots of stuff just happend there, but it was quite the nice timing!

Okay we got that out of the way, next I want to thank my buddies from the Reorder Abuse Jail (see Race to Cake ) who were a motivation for me to push through hard or difficult times and to actually come back :wink: I hope I’ll be a spark of motivation for them as well. So @Papayaya, @riverpuppy @1000 and @kyouxren thanks for the journey :wink:

Oh before I forget the


First and foremost, I have to talk about the Reorder Script. I allowed me to put Kanji first and Vocab second. This was a big help especially in the final levels, thanks to that I have roughly 400 due lessons, but I made it before my subscription runs out…

Secondly I want to really mention the Flaming Durtles App and thank @ejplugge for building it. It helped me enormously and I’m a user of the first days ;). I kind of live in a third world country … internet wise… Germany :D, where there are times, for example if you’re traveling with the train, where I was really thankful for being able to do my reviews without the need for a stable internet connection!
Big Thanks!

Here are all the scrips I used :wink: as you might see I stopped using the Self-study quiz: because my workload with the normal reviews where High enough :wink:
it looks I stopped using Jitai as well, but that’s only true for the desktop. In flaming durtles I still enjoy seeing different fonts.


Now I want to tell you something about myself because I think I never “officially” introduced myself to the community.

My Story

Hi ! My name is Toba and I’m learning Japanese :wink: I started around 2015 at university… There I learned for roughly a year, and stopped. Which was a big mistake because I went to Saga, Japan in 2017 where I could have needed all this Japanese I forgot until then, but luckily I got back into it pretty quickly. There I connected with a lot of Japanese people including my lovely girlfriend, who luckily went to Germany - on her own accord and planned before me - where we still are living together. Through this I wanted to commit a lot more to Japanese and started with Wanikani to learn and read more Japanese.

Back in Germany I stopped going to Japanese classes, but I continued to learn with the internet and especially with Tandem partners. Due to this I’m far more skilled in my spoken Japanese than I am in my Writing and reading, but these are going fine as well.
Recently my girlfriends parents visited us here in Germany and her father brought the WHOLE series of Great Teacher Onizuka, and some light novels (No Game No Life, Isekai Izakaya Nobu, Isekai shokudou) I’ll be looking forward to the day that one of those will become a topic for a book club ;). So this is something I’m working on now.

Where I'm going

Okay now I finished Wanikani, and I finished my Level 60 Post… so that what to do now?!

My goals for the moment are the JLPT N2 just to finally have something to prove my Japanese skills to anybody :wink: right now I don’t have a certificate or rather it’s A2, which is kind a low.

The second big goal is to enjoy reading and watching Japanese media more ;):
I’m really thankful for Netflix and Amazon prime, who both have a bunch of Japanese anime or shows, which you can listen to in Japanese and use Japanese subtitles. Sometimes you have to use VPN for a broader spectrum but hey that’s fine ;).

I am kind of intrigued by the immersion approach or some of their tools, so I installed Morphman and some subs2srs decks. I want to insert words from my readings sessions there as well or rather sentences.
Other than that I’m working on a big grammar deck on Anki from the “Dictionary of Japanese Grammar” and I guess this’ll help as well.

For speaking and Listening, I use an approach from Tandem but … bigger. My girlfriend is Japanese, so Every other week we JUST communicate in Japanese and the other week in German. Therefore both of us will get a whole week of Language exposure :wink: It is really helpful, if you’re in a similar situation! Use it!

Okay I poured my thoughts in here and should probably come back soon to bring it kind of in order. Here again a list of things I’m planing to do:

  • Do the JLPT N2 (probably should buy Shinkanzen Master or Soumatome Series for that)
  • Read a lot and probably play a lot in Japanese as well (Octopath traveler for example)
  • Improve on my speaking and listening comprehension (Probably should start to work on 敬語 now :wink: I’m far to casual in my Japanese)
  • work through Grammar a bit :wink: (right now with Dictionary of Japanese Grammar, but might consider Tae Kim or other stuff)

So if you have Ideas and feedback, like what could I do to improve from here on! Constructive or not, give them to me, 先輩!

And for all of you who made it through here or who just scrolled down to see the glorious cake my girlfriend prepared for me :wink: here it is! Also I want @koichi to see it!


It was delicious and it’s called molehills cake, with chocolate cake, creme and fruit fillings!

Thanks for reading and see you around :wink:


Congrats Toba :partying_face: Hope to eat cake with you one day :pleading_face:


Congratulations! And also congratulations on your cake :drooling_face:


Awesome cake and congratulations on hitting level 60! I wish you luck on the rest of your Japanese journey :smiley:


Thanks ! You can do it, you just have 15 levels to go :wink: 3/4 of the way is already behind you!

Your cake is Amazing~!!! :heart_eyes: Congratulations on level 60!!

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Holy cow, that cake looks amazing. I’ve never heard of Molehills cake, but we’ve got a thing called dirt cake which sounds decidedly less appealing, but seems relatively similar.

But mostly, congratulations on level 60. Having set goals far beyond lvl 60 is huge so you don’t lose momentum, I might steal some of those goals myself haha.

Also, no biggy, but I think you mean 敬語. Unless you’re trying to become a bodyguard, in which case, nothing to see here pls don’t beat me up


Great cake!

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Oops xD Thanks for finding that typo and for reading all of my ramblings :D!
And if I can give pointers for your goals, you’re very welcome :wink:

Dirt Cake Pictures look a lot better than it sounds xD I guess we can try that one next, thanks for the pointers!


congratulations! eat your cake, you totally deserve it! :cake::tada:

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Be sure to post an update a while down the line, I’d love to hear your progress. Specifically how increasing the amount of immersion goes. I’ve been trying to get as much listening/reading practice as I can, although I haven’t as much w/ college and stuff, but it’s been incredibly helpful and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skill.

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bow haikyu
Congratulations Toba- 先輩! Wunderbar!

What an outstanding achievement. It is good to hear that you already have a plan in place in order to further your studies. I wish you all the best in your language journey! Oh and that :cake: looks amazing!

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If anyone ever asks me how I learned the word おめでとう, I can now say I learned it from reading cake pictures on the internet.

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