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We read this as the Beginner Book Club! We’re now continuing the series beyond volume 1 as an offshoot - check out that Beginner Book Club thread to see what we’re currently reading as our main pick.

Death Note Vol. 1

Currently: 短編集 | Short stories

If you want to take part, just buy the book and join in the discussion! We also recommend setting this thread to ‘watching’ so that you get notified when the discussion threads are posted.

Not sure if this is for you? Check out the Nomination Post and read the first chapter for free on comic.pixiv - remember that your fellow book club members and the vocab sheet will be here to help you out though!

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Reading Schedules and Discussion Threads

Volume 1 - 退屈(たいくつ)
Week Start Date Chapter End Page Page Count
Wk 1 22 Jan 1 (1/2) - 退屈 29 25
Wk 2 29 Jan 1 (2/2) - 退屈 53 23
Wk 3 5 Feb 2 - L 83 30
Wk 4 12 Feb 3 - 家族 111 28
Wk 5 19 Feb 4 - 電流 131 20
Wk 6 26 Feb 5 - 眼球 151 20
Wk 7 05 Mar 6 - 操作 175 24
Wk 8 12 Mar 7 - 標的 193 18

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Volume 2 - (ごう)(りゅう)

Volume 3 - 激走(げきそう)

Volume 4 - (こい)(ごころ)

Volume 5 - (はく)()

Volume 6 - 交換(こうかん)

Volume 7 - (ゼロ)

Volume 8 - (まと)

Volume 9 - (せっ)(しょく)

Volume 10 - 削除(さくじょ)

Volume 11 - 同心(どうしん)

Volume 12 - (かん)

短編集(たんへんしゅう) | Short stories

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  • When asking for help, please mention the chapter and page number. Also mention what version of the book you are reading.
  • Don’t be afraid of asking questions, even if they seem embarrassing at first. All of us are here to learn.
  • To you lurkers out there: Join the conversation, it’s fun!

Vocabulary List

Please read the editing guidelines in the first sheet before adding any words!


I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle another book/anime watching club. But, since I have the first couple of volumes, I might join in for a bit. :high_touch:


If I don’t join, it will be because of choice paralysis.

Do I go with black and white because that’s how it was originally created?

Or do I go with color because it looks nice, and the whole series is colorized?


If you’re getting the series now, why not go with color? It’s pretty novel to have a whole series in color. Then again, I don’t really mind the black&white ink look. ^^ It’s classic and nice.


It looks readable based on my level. Maybe it’s because I’m getting used to Spy x Family or my memory of Death Note is less accurate than I thought (I remembered it being quite wordy in English).

People can also read it on the Japanese shounen jump plus website (the first three chapters are free, everything else costs points).

Not sure if I’ll join tho. The color version looks quite nice and the kanji font style looks good on it as well.


Yay! Thanks for setting it up! =D

Death Note was one of the first mangas I bought in Japanese.
I had no chance of reading it of cause, I just had to have it cause it’s my favorite! <3
Been a few years, some full manga series and even a few books later, so should be way more doable now :wink:

Since it isn’t that long I hope we’ll read it all (even if only a few sticks around for the rest)
If not I’ll definitely finish it on my own =)


i got the manga in english for my son for xmas! i might check in on the thread occasionally but that’s gonna be too hard for me to read in japanese. enjoy it!


Just bought the ebook! Excited to start reading it!


Super excited for this one! I’ve always heard that the manga is quite challenging, but I’m so ready for it. :slight_smile:


" Beginner " Death Note? :exploding_head:

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Well, I was just gonna buy the color digital version, and then noticed that “normal” (i.e., American) Amazon had a hard copy available for normal manga price with Prime shipping, so I went with that. I ain’t no spring chicken, however, so I’ll probably need to read some of those pages with a magnifying glass… :rofl:


@ChristopherFritz I saw that you made the vocab sheet for 小川未明童話集 would you be willing to provide one for this club aswell?


reminds me of this…

How to Run a Wanikani Bookclub - Japanese Language / Reading - WaniKani Community

but I went and checked and there are no instructions in here for how to do it… so it remains a mystery to do correctly (from scratch :wink: )

The one thing that’s important is the formatting should be automatic when you insert a row the colors shift @ChristopherFritz also fixed that for our teasing master club…


Hm, I don’t recognize the name of that book. That means either we have a case of mistaken identity, or my memory is worse than I thought!

But I have made a few WK vocab sheets in my day. Let’s give this a try for Death Note:

Although the vocab sheet is bare to begin with, as soon as people start adding in entires, they’ll see the alternating stripes magically appear =D


Sort of in a similar spot. I want to join but I don’t know whether to get B&W paperback or color digital. Ideally I would get a color paperback.


when in doubt…both?


:slight_smile: It’s actually a valid suggestion. I was thinking of stumbling through the first reading in one format and then doing the reread in the other.


(To be fair, you seem to have left the club after that first week, so given the number of book clubs you’re in and the number of books you’re reading independently, forgetting about it was only natural.)


Ah, yes, I remember now. (Thanks for the reminder!) Before my reply above, I put the title into a web image search, and didn’t see a familiar book cover, and thus thought, “I don’t know this one!”

I also didn’t find it on my Google Sheets list of spreadsheets when I looked, but that’s probably because it was just that long ago that it wasn’t on the list of recent-ish documents.

(That’s all on top of my life-long bad memory.)

It was way too difficult for me to follow along at my slow non-manga reading speed =(

And that was before I had access to Migaku Reader (alpha release) which makes the text-based material reading experience a bazillion times better.


I’m interested, and I’d love to buy the color Kindle version from Amazon, but I’m not sure how to do that. I have a VPN that allows me to appear to be from Japan, but Amazon won’t let me enter a credit card with a US billing address. Is there some workaround? Are the other color options easier to deal with?

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