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Chapter 5 - 眼球

Start Date: February 26th
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Solid chapter! :slight_smile:


Lots and lots of exposition about various things, and then ending with another cliff hanger. ^^;


Ryuk suddenly got a lot more scary!


I caught up again! I’m still skipping a lot of words but I feel like I’m getting better at getting the gist of most things :joy:


There’s a tricky sentence on page 148. もちろん そんな事はここまでの口の裂けてる俺でも口が裂けても言えない

裂ける means - to split; to tear; to burst; to be separated; to be divided​

口が裂けても has a specific meaning as a phrase - (I) won’t (say) anything no matter what (expression is followed by negative verb relating to say, answer, etc.) to not (tell) even under any threat

I can’t see 口の裂けてる as a set phrase - presumably it means something like - “someone whose mouth bursts”, either figuratively (gives away information easily/accidentally) or literally (has a large mouth). There’s obviously a play on words between the two phrases.

So I think it literally breaks down along the lines of - “Of course, even I, who up to now has a mouth that bursts, wouldn’t tell you that thing, even if you threatened me.”

Any other thoughts?


To me the sentence means (translated more colloquially):
Of course, even though I’ve been yapping until now (this point), I won’t say that kind of thing (how many years as seen by a shinigami are equivalent to human years for a person) no matter what.

But yeah, roughly the same :slight_smile:


Finally caught up, haven’t been consistent due to school but hopefully I can keep it up, and so this is my first comment. I’m still at that point where I miss a lot of the meaning and nuance due to my yet limited understanding of some kanji and a lot of grammar, but I do understand enough such that the plot is clear.

Speaking of that: here’s a question: Dear reader of this comment, what do you think is some interesting nuance within the text of this chapter?


This felt like such a short chapter. I thought I wasn’t going to be caught up for the week! The cliffhanger would probably have been more impactful for me if I haven’t seen the anime 3 times.

The sentence on page 148 confused me, so I was happy to see a discussion about it.


finally finished…got through all but the last 6 pages on the weekend and then work has been just horrific…

still interesting reading this even knowing the story already


Finished this week’s reading. I skipped ahead to catch up. Haven’t quite finished the previous chapters, but I already know the story anyway, so I don’t mind. I’ll continue along with the group while I finish up the backlog.


think ライト wrote my name in the book…cuz so busy with work I haven’t even started this chapter yet… but happy I have been able to keep up so far…will try the next book though hopefully my work doesn’t continue to be so awful…

Will pick this backup later when my reading skills have improved more… been doable but just a bit too painful at the moment :tired_face: