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Chapter 4 - 電流

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Pretty cool chapter :slight_smile: . One of the discussions between Raito and Ryuk when they were walking from the store confused me a little, but otherwise it was okay.

I saw some minor typos in the vocab sheet so corrected them :+1:


We have now passed the half way point of this first volume andin addition we have also passed the two long chapters! So for all of the people trying to catch up it should get easier from here on out!


Light casually insulting Ryuku for his looks on the first page of the chapter! :rofl:

Edit. he also insults his intelligence later. :sweat_smile:

I kind of like how they don’t get along as such. XD


What is L saying to the FBI director on the very last page of the chapter?


I get the first part: “Kira is believed to have killed 327 criminals in America”, but the end part?? “whole world” then whut?


ダントツ - 2位以下とは大きな差をつけて首位にある状態をいう俗語。[link]

So with that I think the end of the sentence would mean something like by far the most in the world


Ah, that makes sense. Thus L can pressure the director to act! Thanks! ^^


Well actually at the end of the chapter Ryuk kind of complements Raito on his non-orthodox approach to having a hidden stash in the room. :wink:


probably my fault - been building most of the vocab and was pretty tired when I started this chapter yesterday :slight_smile: thanks !!!


Honestly, massive thanks for providing the sheet :bowing_man: :bowing_man: :bowing_man:

In the past reading clubs we would usually fill it in as reading progressed, but I see even the next weeks were already populated thanks to a kind soul.


that’s why I try to read ahead a little…because of my own frustration as a beginner and not having vocab lists or incorrect ones…though this book is seriously slowing me down… even knowing the story already… the upside is reading it is just as good, interesting and certainly all that creepiness and a lot of the hidden dual meanings of things, etc…that are all lost in translation I’m finding keeps this story even more interesting. This story is really well done and the author really did pull out all the stops when writing this.


As I read, I have suddenly understood the reference to this in the Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality fanfiction (No idea if that’s a spoiler for anyone but me), which was entertaining - that entire fanfic was a mix of references I recognized, and ones that I did not.

I am enjoying the turns in the plot, but definitely finding it a tougher read than most other things I’ve read. The vocabulary is a lot (though some police related vocab from previous WK levels is sinking in now) - the grammar swings between tricky and okay. I know I have questions from this chapter - I don’t know what they are yet - will have to come back to it a little later to pull them out.


I finally caught up with the book club! I started two weeks ago, but I’m a slow reader. I’m surprised how much I’ve been able to understand the manga, but I probably have to look up around 5 words per page.

I had a question about 身分証明書(みぶんしょうめいしょ)on page 122. Did anyone notice that they wrote 身分証明証(みぶんしょうめいしょう)? Is that a typo? I tried to look it up as written with no results, so I’m assuming that they just put in the wrong kanji. Unless there is some special meaning, but I noticed that the vocabulary spreadsheet has the correct kanji, instead of the one in the book.

This is my first book club contribution, so I apologize if this was silly to point out. I was trying to find something to add!


The typo is in vocab sheet then. Those are 2 different words. 身分証明証 is just 自分 and 証明証.


*身分 not 自分



Wonderful, here I was thinking I could escape my mild dyslexia by using various visual tricks, but it’s back with kanji :sweat_smile:


This happens to me plenty of times. Sometimes it works out.

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Thanks for the clarification with that! I didn’t realize 証明証 was a word because google really likes 証明書. Funny how that works. I guess that’s why you’re supposed to use a dictionary instead of google!