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If you want to take part… just buy the book and join in the discussion! We also recommend setting this thread to ‘watching’ so that you receive notifications when the discussion threads are posted. There’s a membership poll further down.

Not sure if this is for you? Check out the Nomination Post and have a look at the first few pages on BookWalker - remember that your fellow book club members and the vocab sheet will be here to help you out though :wink:

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Reading Schedule

Week      Start Date   Chapter                 Page Numbers Page Count
Week 1 April 24th Chapter 1 1 - 17 15
Week 2 May 1st Chapter 2 - 3 18 - 34 17
Week 3 May 8th Chapter 4 - 5 35 - 50 15
Week 4 May 15th Chapter 6 51 - 62 12
Week 5 May 22nd Chapter 7 - 9 63 - 96 34
Week 6 May 29th Chapter 10 97 - 104 8
Week 7 June 5th Chapter 11 - 12 105 - 122 18
Week 8 June 12th Chapter 13 - 14 123 - 136 14
Week 9 June 19th Chapter 15 - 16 137 - 158 22
Week 10 June 26th Chapter 17 - 18 159 - 178 20

Vocabulary List

Please read the editing guidelines in the first sheet before adding any words!


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Start date

I do apologise for getting round to this so obscenely late. As the home thread has only just gone up and most people have probably forgotten this was happening / aren’t aware of it yet, I’m proposing a one-week delay such that we start 24th April.

If you are only just learning of this club, want to take part, and will be purchasing a physical copy but are worried it won’t arrive in time, you can read the first chapter for free on BookWalker in the meantime.

Reading Pace

This manga has an insane chapter breakdown. They are wildly different lengths, and the text density varies hugely. Whatever we choose it’s going to be an uneven experience to some extent.

Important point: Chapter 9 has no text. There are maybe two sound effects across all 14 pages. I therefore haven’t included its page numbers in the table below.

I’ve spent quite a long time wrestling with this, but I think the most sensible schedule would be:

| Week | Chapter | Page Count |
| Week 1 | Chapter 1 | 15 |
| Week 2 | Chapter 2 - 3 | 17 |
| Week 3 | Chapter 4 - 5 | 15 |
| Week 4 | Chapter 6 | 12 |
| Week 5 | Chapter 7 - 9 | 20 |
| Week 6 | Chapter 10 - 11 | 16 |
| Week 7 | Chapter 12 - 13 | 18 |
| Week 8 | Chapter 14 - 15 | 20 |
| Week 9 | Chapter 16 - 17 | 20 |
| Week 10 | Chapter 18 | 8 |

We normally try to ease people in with a slower start, but chapter 1 is relatively light, so I’m not sure it makes sense to split it.

We could pair 6 & 7 and have the triplet week 8 - 10 instead. This would save us one week. I went for the above because 6 is a pretty dense (and long) chapter on its own, and the 9-week schedule has a 22-page week near the end.

  • I think we should follow the proposed schedule (10 weeks)
  • Proposed schedule but split chapter one (11 weeks)
  • The shorter schedule (9 weeks)
  • Other (please comment)

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Here’s a technique I always try. It doesn’t always work.

  1. Look the book up on Kobo (which you happen to have linked in the first post).
  2. Right-click on the image and choose “open in new tab” (or similar for mouse-less computing devices).
  3. In the URL, you will see three numbers, such as: 353/569/90
  4. The first number is the cover image width. Increase it, such as to 1000/569/90
  5. Press Enter to load the image with that new value.
  6. Kobo loads a larger image. In some cases, it’s extremely blurry. In others, it’s crisp and clear.




I’m taking a break from using wanikani right now because it takes up so much time and I would like to do other things. Maybe it will be better to start reading along with this book club since I do already have these books. I think pacing will (hopefully) be better starting out from day one instead of trying to catch up and losing interest like I did with れんたるおにいちゃん (good series though).

Anyone know if my level (10) is possibly high enough to be able to grasp these in a book club? I understand that pacing for this series is still in question, and what not.

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For a manga with furigana, your WK level won’t impact anything. The important things will be:

  • How much grammar do you know?
    • How quickly do you want to learn new grammar as you go?
  • How much vocabulary do you know?
    • How much can you tolerate having to look up vocabulary (or check the spreadsheet)?

My vocab is not so good. Grammar I’m a bit familiar with I think. I guess I can always give it a shot and see how it goes.


I think if you already have the book anyway there’s little harm in having a go week one at least. I would just go into it with the attitude that you’re trying it out and might not keep going (rather than beating yourself up if you do end up stopping).


Also, weeks 1-2 are always hardest! Know that it will be a very difficult struggle if this is your first time reading native material regardless of your vocabulary or grammar background. Put some extra time aside at the beginning and if you can manage to hang on at first, it will probably get exponentially smoother in only a few weeks.


Hi everyone!
I wanted to buy the book from Kobo but I keep getting an error message.
can anyone help ? :sweat:

I think it’s saying your email is already registered

oh, do you thing changing the email might solve the problem ?

you may already be registered…I dunno how kobo’s signup works, but have you got a confirmation email or anything?

or what happens if you try to reset the password?

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Ooh, I really enjoyed the Nichijou anime. Very tempting to join. Hm.


got it solved! I looked the error code up and it turned out that I can’t purchase the ebook from that website. Apparently there are 2 websites , Racoten books and Racoten Kobo. I tried again with the other website and it worked :+1:t2:

Thanks for replying :relaxed:


Love the anime, can’t wait to read the manga!


Hi! This is my first time joining after lurking for a bit and I can’t wait to participate!

Just a disclaimer for those planning to purchase this on bookwalker, the quality/resolution is not that great so if you’re having trouble reading a character, zooming in won’t help. Does anyone know if the quality of the Kobo or Kindle version is better?

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Got the whole set as a Christmas gift and barely read any of the first volume, but I’ll be forcing myself through the whole book club. :smiley:


Nice, I’ll definitely be reading along. I’ve read the whole manga in english and bought the first three volumes in japanese a couple months ago and have yet to start them.

Nichijou = best anime.


Yes!!! I’ve been waiting to read Nichijou with this book club since I started Wanikani. This club has inspired me to use WaniKani and Bunpro on daily basis to be ready for this moment :slight_smile: Now lets goooooo