DanMachi Book Club Home Thread

Welcome to the DanMachi book club home thread!


  • Please be aware that DanMachi is considered an advanced book
  • Please be aware we are reading the light novel, not the manga
  • This book has a FloFlo list (ありがとう Raionus-さん)
  • Please use the spoiler tag for important events and dialogue
  • Feel free to ask questions and discuss in the weekly threads

Volume 1 Discussions
Volume 2 Discussions

There have been threads regarding DanMachi and I was wondering if people wanted to make a club together. So here we are!

It seems like the kindle version volume 1 is free with KindleUnlimited on AmazonJP.
The physical version is also available on AmazonJP.

Would you be willing to join/start a book club for DanMachi?

  • I would join!
  • I would be willing to start the club!
  • I might join.
  • Im not interested.

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icefang97 I borrowed your format, I hope its ok, thanks :slight_smile:
Powerpuncher you might be interested (i hope)


Why not? As the person proposing the book club, I think you should be willing to run it. Running a book club means creating a schedule, posting weekly threads (or however often was decided), and things like that. It’s all managerial. Just because you start and run a book club doesn’t mean you need to be able to answer all the questions people ask.


Well thats reassuring because I surely cant answer any questions from this kind of advanced(?) book. I am definitely willing to create threads and a schedule in the case that people are interested but no one wants to run.


I’m definitely interested in reading the books and I have all of them. Though, I haven’t done much of anything regarding learning Japanese since I reached level 60, I’m afraid, and I’m pretty sure I’d get frustrated and lost right on the first page… :sweat:
だが, this might be a good opportunity to get back into studying. :thinking:


I think it’d be best to just start a group and see how it goes. Without a ball there’s nothing to start rolling. Details can be figured out once we have that ball.

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Well then lets start!

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What speed should we read at?

  • 10 pages per week
  • 20 pages per week
  • 30 pages per week
  • 40 pages per week

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When should we start?

  • Next week
  • In 2 weeks
  • In 3 weeks
  • In a month

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I am only 2 weeks in to Kemono no Sousha, but one chapter a week has a very natural feel to it. (as opposed to cutting off in the middle of a chapter with 10 or 20 or 30 pages)

Just a thought though. I have no clue whether other people are enjoying that system as well or whether the chapters in DanMachi are unreasonably long, etc…

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Well it seems like the chapters are a bit varied in length. On paperback, the prologue goes to page 10, chapter 1 to page 44, ch2 to page 98, ch3 to page 118, ch4 to page 167, ch5 to page 253, and ch 6 to page 314. I dont think it would work out as well, but maybe we could find a reasonable stopping point together for each section, a few pages off the schedule, if you think that seems better.

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Ah, in that case, it looks like that my idea would not work out as well… :thinking: :turtle:

Your original options make a lot more sense for this book.


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Im grateful to have your opinions and instructions :slight_smile:
As for the timing, do you think its fine to leave it like that? With the 1 week interval options, or farther back?

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The timing looks fine as it is to me.

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Let’s see if I can accomplish a pace 10 pages a week. Seems a bit steep for me right now, but you don’t know till you try, right? :sweat_smile:


To be honest its steep for me too (you are probably way ahead of my level :sweat_smile:) but I will force myself to match the clubs pace! (This is why I was scared of being the leader at first but i’ll do my best lol)


Trust me, I’m not. :eyes: :rofl:

I’m sure you’ll do fine :3


Damn, I want to join this, but my current ability is approximately that of an amoeba…

I don’t know how the book clubs work but is it considered rude to to ask about a six months old passage? 'Cause If it’s not rude, I will come here again and join in six months.

A couple of noob questions:

  1. Would an N3 equivalent in (Bunpro) grammar and Lv 40 here be enough? Or should I aim higher?
  2. Based on your experience, what’s the main reason some people give up after joining a book club? Grammar? Kanji? Vocabulary? Not enough time? Something else entirely? (That way I know where I should focus my efforts)

I know this is and advanced club, but I want to read something I actually like. I have also read the first 13 volumes in English, so that should help.

By the way if anyone has questions about specific passages, ping me whenever you want. I still own the books (the Yen Press translation).

Also, thank you @afunian for creating this book club!
DanMachi and Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei are my favourites (the latter has impossible words even in English, while DanMachi seemed doable)


We would be glad to have you join at any time!

I think its just fine, I have recently done exactly the same in a different bookclub and received help and answers from the members who had finished already!

I have heard from others that this book seems to be more advanced towards N2+ but I am not there myself, and I could read and understand most of the first few pages just fine, including kanji at my current level 45. There is some furigana and the kanji I didnt know did have furigana for those pages.

Thanks for joining! Also danmachi is one of my favorites too, seeing as how I exitedly bought the whole series of LN when I couldnt read at all lol…


NO it’s not ! How dare you copy the format I copied from someone else ! I feel offended. I will ask for 75% of all the incomes you make. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Funny thing is when I copied it to make the Re Zero book club I asked the same thing ha ha. Use it as much as you want.

Not sure I will join because I’m already in 2 other book clubs and I already watched the anime.

Btw I’m sure you can run the book club just fine. I’m doing it and my Japanese is bad so you can do it


Thank you! In that case I’ll definitely be a member of this book club starting from July-August.

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I’ll create the first week thread in around 24 hours, since everyone wants to start soon, and then ill check the reading speed before that to see if anyone else voted, only 4 people so far :disappointed: