DanMachi Volume 2 Week 2

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Start Date: June 7
Week 2 Reading: Page 36 until the end of Page 66 (30 Pages)
Last Section: つまりパーティを組んでさえいれば、まず命を落とすことはない。
Word List: FloFlo
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I read around 10 pages so far, where ベル and エイナ-さん are shopping in the cheaper areas of バベル塔 for a suit of armor. I mostly remembered this part from the shows, except for the armguard present that エイナ-さん gives ベル (the same green armguard seen on the cover!). I thought it was sweet of her to get a present seeing as she’s always worried about him and he already spent almost all of his money on the armor.


Finished reading, we finally get to meet the supporter who who was spoken of in the prologue after entering chapter 2. ベル was pretty sure リリ was the same girl he tried to save the day before (until grabbing her furry dog ears??) but was convinced otherwise. Something seems fishy!


I ended up not reading this part last week, but now I’ve actually read it :slight_smile:

It was cool to be able to scroll up a bit and look at the cover right here in this thread I had open anyway and conveniently be able to see what ベル’s armour and (presumably) the supporter look like, since the picture is a lot smaller in the ebook on my phone. I’m also convinced the supporter is the same person from the day before. I mean, even the initial reaction of seemingly looking at the knife was exactly the same.


Yeah, has he ever considered the possibility she is using a clever disguise. Or a not so clever one, since her face is mostly unaffected.