DanMachi Volume 2 Week 3

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Start Date: June 14
Week 3 Reading: Page 67 until the end of Page 97 (30 Pages)
Last Section: 人ごみの足の間を次々と縫い、大通りを大混乱に陥れるその光景に汗を流しながら、
Word List: FloFlo
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It felt a bit weird that he didn’t even…say, put his fingers on the knife handle even once after the knife got stolen until it was pointed out to him, considering he was just described as doing that right before it got stolen(at least if I remember correctly) and he should have noticed how it was missing if he did that again. But weirdly plot-convenient behaviour aside, that stopping point makes for a very good cliffhanger :eyes: I wonder what will happen next week :eyes:


I remember thinking exactly the same thing. Surely you have to rest your hand on your belt at some point or whatnot.


While I knew what was going to happen earlier, I like how the author is adding hints of her intentions throughout this section, like when リリ was looking with jealousy at ベル when he was talking about
ヘステェア, but he is just too trusting in people.


Week 4 is up :open_book: