DanMachi Volume 1 Week 12

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Start Date: April 27
Week 12 Reading: Page 197 - end of page 226
Last Section: 一気に顔を赤らめさせた僕を見て、神様は一層おかしそうに、とても嬉しそうに笑う。
Word List: FloFlo
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Just made the week 13 thread

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Just wanted to say sorry ive been inactive here, ive been a bit busy with finals and projects and stuff going on so I am a bit behind tbh.

I enjoyed the part where Hestia went through the trouble to get a nice weapon for Bell, but honestly shes pretty useless compared to literally every other god who has some sort of specialty… The festival is also going on and bell still hasnt heard of Hestia since the god party.


The final stretch!
I do agree that Hestia, in general, is pretty useless, but that’s not just her. Many gods have no specific skill or knowledge (e.g., Loki or ミアハ). Some do, but use it for weird things (ソーマ). And then you have piles upon piles of gods who are even more than useless (book 7 spoiler? Although it’s more a thing we see in volume 7 rather than a spoiler) like the male gods who just keep wasting their familia’s money in the red light district.
In that view, I’d say that “useful” gods are the exception rather than the rule.