DanMachi Volume 1 Week 15

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Start Date: May 18
Week 15 Reading: Page 291 - End
Last Section: End of Epilogue
Word List: FloFlo
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  • Don’t be afraid of asking questions, even if they seem embarrassing at first. All of us are here to learn.
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Ok so I think everyone except me who is reading this book has finished already. Anyways this part until the end of the book plus the epilogue and stuff is around 30 pages, so this is the last week!

My finals are over tomorrow so hopefully I can catch up this week. I am quite a bit behind but I managed to shake off the habit of looking up words I know already, so my reading speed has more than doubled :slightly_smiling_face:



By the way, what are you planning to do for the next volumes? Do you want to keep going with weekly thread? You could also make a single thread like the one from SAO. Then I can rave about whatever volume I am on.
At the same time, I guess keeping a schedule can help. Also, maybe people who have seen the anime and already own the books (@Powerpuncher I think?) could just jump back in at the beginning of volume 2 :slight_smile:


I was thinking of making a poll at the end of the week to see what everyone prefers, between weekly schedules or going book by book. I guess we can make it now though.

Please vote here in the main thread.

The poll would have more visibility in the DanMachi home thread, I think :sweat_smile:

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I moved it to the main thread, thanks!

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I won’t be participating, sorry. :disappointed: I barely understand anything and am lacking the motivation to start studying again… Not sure how to get out of this slump to be honest. :confused:


Im sure you can get out of a slump, it would be a shame to not read your books after all your hard work getting to level 60 and your other studies…


Yeah, I’ll pick it up again at some point, just not sure when. My motivation has always been super random. :sweat_smile:


I feel like the best way is to get momentum. Do something that still counts as study but that is basically a no brained. I don’t know, reading about a single grammar point or something. But keep doing it every day, like you’re trying to get a perfect flat 7 days leveling time all the way. That sounds doable for you :stuck_out_tongue: Once it gets way too easy, increase the load. Maybe try to read a single sentence per day, or whatever that you can do in less than 30 min. And keep building up.


I’m not sure about that, sounds kind of tough. :eyes:

Jokes aside, I might try that. I do have some time at hand right now due to a holiday.


Can someone tell me what the kanji in the middle of this page is?
I cant seem to find this kanji, wasnt on jisho, wasnt even identified in the ebook on my phone and I couldnt even copy it from the ebook and paste it. Its like it isnt recognized as a character at all. Ive tried to draw it, find it with radicals, look for words with ‘?配’ search in jisho, all to no avail…

P.S. I know im far behind but i swear im reading 10+ pages a day rn at my snail speed to catch up! Doing my best :sweat_smile: (Darn you final exams!!)


I already finished the book last week, as I already said, but I also promised comments, so here are comments!

Overall I would say I liked the book. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever read, but was also definitely enjoyable enough to keep reading. So, I’ll read the second volume with the club too :slight_smile:

More specific things

Some things I liked were:

  1. The RPG stuff with the stats and other similar things was definitely very fun, and probably what I enjoyed the most
  2. The thing with the gods living with humans what was piqued my interest in the first place, so I kind of feel like I have to mention that too
  3. The fights did a decent job being exciting and stuff

There were three main things I felt could have been better:

  1. It took a pretty long time to reach the obvious conclusion of the silverback fight. I guess it was still kind of exciting with the long chase, while simultaneously being annoying because it felt obvious how it was going to end?
  2. There was one conversation that was pretty long and felt like it was there mostly to introduce some characters, but then didn’t actually do much to show the personality of said new characters in the conversation, despite its length.
  3. Some of the sound effects. It felt a bit excessive sometimes(it had way more of those sound effect things than anything else I’ve read recently), and like some things didn’t really need sound effects.

Maybe 采 as in 采配?

The wiktionary page for 采 has this too


(which just comes back as 采 if I try to copy it. So, in other words I assume it’s just 采 but in a different font on that page)


I literally searched for like an hour for that kanji, thank you. Its weird that they changed the font.
I enjoyed reading your comments, I also like the general story and the stat system.

Ill also comment generally after I finish the book :slight_smile:


It’s funny, because I made the exact same comment when I finished the book (I think I posted in the extensive reading thread, though). :joy:

I also agree with your general impression. Also, being a little bit ahead, I’d say that it generally gets better over time, too. Color illustrations tend to get worse, though (as in, the level of fan service is through the roof… the one for volume 7 was basically porn):frowning: But, meh, they are skippable (but I don’t wan’t anyone to have a look at what I am reading).

I think it’s just the font they have, they didn’t change it specifically for that kanji.


That makes sense except for the fact that even on the kindle app, the character wasnt recognized. When I would try to copy that whole sentence, it would just omit the 采 character as if there wasnt even a space there. Im not sure what happened

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That’s weird. Your device should be able to handle the characters it is displaying… sadly I do not have the print version anymore (I obviously gave it back to the library), so I can’t check how it was in print.


I read print version, its the same font as the picture I sent which was from my kindle app. Since I couldnt read it in print version and didnt find it on jisho, I went and found it on the ebook and it wasnt recognized.


Hm, it could be an encoding problem. The shape of the three dots is a frequent alternate writing, so I had no problem recognizing the kanji, but it’s indeed weird, especially since that kanji does not have such an alternate form in Japanese (I checked kanjipedia).
Just out of curiosity, can you select that kanji specifically or does it count as an image?
(An example from Natsume Soseki comes to mind, where he used an alternate form that does not exist (made a mistake?) so the kanji is usually inserted as a picture)


I couldnt select the kanji at all, it would skip it as if it were an image when I selected the whole word or sentence. (So I would be left with whatever I selected, but with that specific kanji just not being copied, when I tried to copy paste)