DanMachi Volume 1 Week 9

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Start Date: April 6
Week 9 Reading: Page 103 - end of page 133
Last Section: 「は、はいっ」
Word List: FloFlo
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I have a question, im around 24 pages in right now where Bell is getting his status checked after running away to the floor 6 dungeon, would 神血 be read as しんけつ orかみち? I thought the first but jisho has nothing, and weblio has no reading. I know they want us to read it as イコル here but im just curious.

Edit: Also how about 伝間? Again jisho has nothing and weblio has no reading. Is there any way i can reliably get these readings? (Edit: misread instead of 伝聞)

I would read it しんけつ. Looking it up online only gives me websites about ichor and Ancient Greece in general, and they do not give a reading.

Can you give the sentence for context?

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Also, the part on the 6th floor was my favorite in the first book. I just loved that Bell used the arm of one of those mirror-faced monsters as a makeshift weapon.


Im dumb lol. I found it and looked more closely and its 伝聞. Tbf the font is soo small though… Thanks for the first one :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree, it’s my favorite so far too although i’m not even halfway in. I really liked how he was totally out of his league down there and just turned up next level determination on and like you said grabbed the claws of the dead war shadow and went after them. Also it said it tore through his hand because of how sharp it was while he was holding it too I think.


Week 10 :raised_hands: